• U-Piter7 6 years ago
    She laughed for a long time ...: lol:
  • Vinn_82 6 years ago
    gyyyyyyy:-d:-d necessarily will use in childhood:-d
  • ewwa111 6 years ago
    It would be better to Bear was separately ... all well more like helpful
  • mifody 6 years ago
    HA HA ... not ... conventional bears a bunch, and mi?burger one:-d
  • Ghonatan 6 years ago
    Meat for you-on foot
  • atina 6 years ago
    I too, she laughed. in my opinion very cool)))
  • pavlovna82 6 years ago
    Damn, it's a pity, however, Teddy  : cry:: cry:: cry:  
  • kshein 6 years ago

    Here it is, alive and safe. =)


  • lily_lily 6 years ago
    where it meant)))))))))
  • freezemaximus 6 years ago
    Heh! :-)
  • amberowl 6 years ago
    The Horror! From a distance it seems that hamburger black mould gather. And when rassmotri??, to?notvornee. Is it exists and is for sale?! 
  • ulichka 6 years ago
    Only the male mind can come up with this! )))

  • lexa1691 6 years ago
    Cool =)
  • Bakinka 6 years ago
    So the mood rose)))) a super toy. it is necessary to attach the detku? (customers will kill)  
  • alenchika1103 5 years ago
    ahhahha))))) super !! -5 for fantasy!))
  • wonderdanik 5 years ago
    hahahahahahahha klaaaaaaaaass!
  • alur13 5 years ago
    that's funny)))
  • Argooment 4 years ago
    Mishka Mishka, where your smile?)))
  • alisok 4 years ago
    = Poor)
  • PolinaGoldobina 3 years ago
    Treshak .. It is necessary to attach to the kitchen, but not in children ..
  • redflash 3 years ago
    sorry Mishutka (
  • xappacmeht 3 years ago
    Burn More!
  • jagodatocudak year ago
    Thanks !
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Platform: 3dsMax 2009 и ниже
Render: Vray
Size: 4 MB
Date: 2010.06.25 15:43
Formfactor: Circle
Style: Modern
Material: Plastic Fur

something and not know that the Court of nipisat?. =)


teddy bear soft