• grdesigner 5 months ago
    What every boy dreams about, throughout his life.
    • ValeriiaDS 5 months ago
      Not only boys dream. In childhood, I dreamed of having such a toy and a car with a control panel. Dolls somehow did not interest me :). Chic model!
    • c3dm 5 months ago
      I didn’t even have time to dream about it, now I don’t even dream about it, oh, the first 35 years of my childhood are behind
      • grdesigner 5 months ago
        need a son :) An excellent pretext that will hide the true reasons for some purchases. Like a railway or a helicopter on a radio control. )
        • c3dm 5 months ago
          exactly, this is because I have 2 girls)
          • Action-sen 5 months ago
            Well, my daughter asked for a car on the control panel .. not everything is lost, buddy!
    • architec.v 5 months ago
      Well, not all life, but only its beginning. Further other toys go)
  • AuRu 5 months ago
    And not only boys)
  • Sto 5 months ago
    Very well !!!
  • жёсткий 5 months ago
    it's generally unreal cool! level.))
  • Seliverstone 5 months ago
    Very cool!
  • AnnnaP 5 months ago
    Cool model! I still want this))))
  • Gestas 5 months ago
    The whole little world!
  • yahyakish 5 months ago
  • mhaggag641 5 months ago
    Deleted comment
  • freewindfairy 5 months ago
    Looks soooo good! Thank you
  • ansar.s 5 months ago
  • spurt 5 months ago
    Wow! Superb model! 5+!
  • Zom6ie 5 months ago
    Very cool model!
  • Berezovskiy929 5 months ago
    and where is it to buy something) the model is excellent!
    • E.A.Ignashev 5 months ago
      This is done to order) There are special organizations that build such models for every taste and budget)
    • brick 4 months ago
      In Germany, the whole industry, specialized shops for railway modeling. I was lucky, 5 years of childhood in the GDR, my own railroad to the whole room, all the money accumulated in the piggy bank went to buy new cars, locomotives, arrows and semaphores.
  • dilya_1 5 months ago
    Well done !!
  • andy@ 5 months ago
    classss !!!!!
  • Sapsan 5 months ago
    Class! Recalled the series "Sheldon’s Childhood"!
  • rawhide85 5 months ago
    Thanks! The model really helped out yesterday. He began to collect the layout of the railway for visualization. He climbed up to find toy trees on the site, and he gave me this model. Right on time. As a result, not only trees, but also tunnels, a bridge with a train and a water tower went into work. And the control panel)))
  • Alleandra3D 5 months ago
    What a beauty!
  • jasper_20 5 months ago
  • mhaya786 5 months ago
    Great its very beautiful
  • zevsart 5 months ago
  • JOeMax 5 months ago
    I also dreamed about such a toy, I'm with you)
  • suomi93 5 months ago
    Class! You can consider for a very long time!)
  • crankdxb 4 months ago
    Cool! Well done!
  • Mostafa Lohrasbi 4 months ago
  • Amdebrahimi 4 months ago
  • thafseer 4 months ago
  • Haeron 4 months ago
  • haifa haifaa 4 months ago
    Cool stuff!Cool! Well done!
  • nicoolin 2 months ago
    Deleted comment
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Railroad Modelpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 65 MB
Date: 2019.12.25 02:20
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Classic
Material: Wood Plastic

Layout of the railway for the home, office, children's playrooms, exhibition stands and window dressing. This breadboard model includes: railroad tracks with rails, rolling stock, buildings, trees, a bridge, a tower, a balloon, mountains with tunnels, lights, a control panel. File Formats: - 3ds Max 2013 V-Ray - 3ds Max 2013 Corona Renderer - OBJ, FBX, 3DS Polys: 382581 Verts: 408240 The model is quite heavy, when loading into the scene, consider the performance of your computer.