Youth furniture LOL-Cases, racks

                                    Youth furniture LOL-Cases, racks
  • 3dsMax 2015 + obj (Vray)
  • 19.20 MB
  • 2017.09.11 13:15
  • Modern
  • rack, chest of drawers, smiley
  • Youth furniture LOL-Cases, racks.

    Polys - 6,193 Verts - 6 208

    Manufacturer: MEBLIK (Poland). Products webpage: 

    Files: 3D Max 2015/2012, FBX, OBJ, material library, textures all

    Original, modern design, emphasizes the individuality of the interior. Sturdy construction has high wear resistance to chips and scratches, that guarantees durability and convenience in operation.

    Facades of MDF - painted in white matte color. Emoji and emoticons are a universal language of the 21st century! Unique 3D engraver. Accessories BLUM. Legs white / matte, height 50mm.

    Shelves hinged on special fasteners, guaranteeing safety in use.

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