• renderman 2 years ago
    When I do Pick from slot - produces an error. Max 2016 Corona 1.5.1
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      good time !

      What material is in the selected slot? And what error sends out please send a screen in a personal
      • renderman 2 years ago
        In the slot is an ordinary multi-saber for 4 simple coronal sub-materials
        • StunBreaker 2 years ago
          There are 10 materials, 6 of them empty ... =) swears at an empty space ..
          Took note - you need to enter a check for empty cells.
  • renderman 2 years ago
  • renderman 2 years ago
    And for each input of numeric values, the computer dinks, as in the case of an error - but values ​​enter and they work. Just sound annoying. And also make the adjustment of the value as in max, clicking on the arrow and moving the mouse.
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      I will consider all wishes)

      Ps for me so it's more convenient to just rotate the mouse wheel, click on the cell does not need it - just point the mouse cursor. (No clicks + no need to move the mouse to change the values) IMHO! )
      • renderman 2 years ago
        did not know. Got it. Thank you!
        • StunBreaker 2 years ago
          Sure you will find it more convenient, there is one minus - you get used to this =)) and then on the machine you try to twist the tweaks in the interface 3d max - and there it is not implemented =)
  • uivfig 2 years ago
    Thank you!
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Multi-Sub CC 1.0pro


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Platform: Script
Size: 824 KB
Date: 2017.06.24 10:35
Style: Modern

Hello ! Finally I added another script, which I am happy to introduce to you! Immediately I'd like to wish everyone a video of the training lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz_71ISpTak  What's what for? The script allows you to quickly create a customized Multi-Sub material, for your surfaces. What are the amenities in it? Automatic recognition of the render. (Only suitable for VRAY and CORONA) Immediately creates the material you need for your engine, VrayMtl and CoronaMtl. Fast and convenient correction of colors, maps, capacities. Ability to load several textures at once. Ability to paste the copied map across all empty cells of the layer. Color correction of any card is fast and convenient, you can add some shade, or discolor. and other. Ability to save and load settings in the .mat file and many other functions with which you will be introduced in BLOG - which will appear immediately after moderation of the script.


multi, sub, color, correction, multisab