• AlexHappy 7 months ago
    These aquariums were generated in a couple of minutes using a parametric model.
    Here is a demonstration of her work:https://youtu.be/Y3pu3Puxeh0 
    I will send a parametric version to everyone who buys this model by mail. Send a screen proving the purchase to the mail specified in my profile or write to the group messages:https://vk.com/3dmodelah 
    • grol69 7 months ago
      I watched the presentation on YouTube ... very cool!
    • c3dm 7 months ago
      By the way, I came up with a way to sell!
    • 3dproject 6 months ago
      It's great!
  • gus_ann 7 months ago
    Chic model, adaptation to any size! any number of fish, the location of stones, plants, bubbles! Alex is a genius! why such models are not given the highest status - I don’t understand .... apparently it’s time for me to retire ...
    • AlexHappy 7 months ago
      the model itself is very simple .. boxes and planes ..
      • gus_ann 7 months ago
        Not everyone can do such boxing and playnes.
  • Great job! We always get what is very necessary from you!
  • mahdiehkhosravi 7 months ago
  • melaan 7 months ago
    I saw when they were spreading it in the VK group, it turned out really cool!
  • Haeron 6 months ago
    Very cool, thanks!
  • sasha300 6 months ago
  • dfWER 4 months ago
    Very beautiful!!! Thank you very much!!
  • linfini month ago
  • ninokvasil week ago
    Great model!
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Aquarium setpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + obj
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 37 MB
Date: 2019.11.14 13:38
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Glass Organics

Set of 5 aquariums ----------------------------- - sizes of aquariums: 50x180x60, 40x120x50, 40x50x50, 40x100x40, 40x70x40 - all over 1 multimaterial ----------------------------- In the archive: 2014 and 2011 MAX (Corona 1.74 + VRay 3.40) + OBJ + MTL 171 964 polygons 13.3 MB 1K textures ----------------------------- Good renders to you! https://vk.com/3dmodelah