• Ula666 6 years ago
    brrrr ...
  • modull 6 years ago
    guy with an axe lacks ahahahha and fellow creatives.
  • water_nymph 6 years ago
  • Olya_Rudakova 6 years ago
    Here was the Dexter)
  • alenchik3012 6 years ago
    MDA ...
  • freezemaximus 6 years ago
  • Velena613 6 years ago
    the idea of a set of fun, but it is not inserted into the Interior (((because there is no customer   sense of humor ....EH
  • Ricon 6 years ago
    Straight advocacy of violence.
  • manyu 6 years ago
    Eh ...I also wanted to do something similar with the mat in blinds and use white glossy tile with drops of blood.Yes all the time is not enough ...(
  • Suverteka 6 years ago
  • sega_club 6 years ago
    horrible, especially if every time you turned on the light and sideways in the morning ...)
  • redflash 6 years ago
    ahaha))) cool design)) I just recently watched the first season of Dexter)
  • fouad 6 years ago
    Creative has not dried up! ))
  • AnnaKrasnay 5 years ago
    tough ...
  • alvch 4 years ago
  • PsiGen 3 years ago
    ter another version, but with excrement ..
    • nikmedved 3 years ago
      Between expressions bleed and crap personally I choose the former. To each his own ...
  • Terletskyi_VS 3 years ago
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Shower set "Blood Bath"pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2012 + fbx
Render: Vray
Size: 27 MB
Date: 2013.03.26 10:22
Formfactor: Oval
Style: Ethnic
Material: Metal Fabric