• Kagerou 9 months ago
    Little Red Riding Hood loved to be naughty?)
  • ewwa111 9 months ago
    this is kreatiffffff! :)
  • seinoff 9 months ago
    Let's say your friends from Crimea passed good Crimean tobacco to you, you chose a warm summer day and decided to relax, lighting a strong tobacco and
    dreamily watching the bustle of this world. It is most convenient to do this outdoors and you decide to arrange a small picnic in the forest. Since the preparation and the process of smoking tobacco is taken away
    a lot of strength, then you will probably want to eat. You ask your grandmother to bake pies, she shakes off the dust from her napkin on the TV and beautifully packs you half a ton of pies in a basket,
    which she uses only once a year for Easter (for her beloved grandson, after all). I highly recommend taking the old red grandmother’s hood with you on a trip, firstly, the grandmother will not be nervous,
    that a grandson is without a hat, secondly you will look very suspicious with a similar basket in the forest, especially Crimean tobacco, and you are in Zhytomyr (overdue excises, all things), it may happen that
    Your appearance will be interested in a passing patrol. Here you will need a red hood more than ever. The main thing is to put it on time and well ...! You are no longer thirty-seven-year-old unshaven architect with a women's basket in the forest,
    and the most real red hat that carries pies to grandmother and you will not have any extra questions in our legal field. Profit
  • Sto 9 months ago
    Why not enter the competition?
    • seinoff 9 months ago
      I think the discrepancy to the criteria of the competition, in fact it is not a set at all)))? with a wolf is not humane, then you need to homemade alcohol
      • Kagerou 9 months ago
        You can pack Grushegovo juice, which is something immediately))
        • Sto 9 months ago
          You can just pack :)!
          • Kagerou 9 months ago
            Then a bag))
            Author, we all decided! Add a bag and send to the contest: D
  • Flamenezo 9 months ago
  • Glashaa 2 months ago
    My God! Seriously? This is top class!
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Topical picnic setpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 76 MB
Date: 2019.08.13 13:35
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Ethnic
Material: Fabric Rattan

In the dial: - Bong Dude "Double Bubble Glass" Bong S - basket with pies - hood Polys: 883459 Verts: 508,377 Corona render 2