Door Handle Set Fimet Michelle 106P

                                    Door Handle Set Fimet Michelle 106P
  • 3dsMax 2013 + fbx (Vray+Corona)
  • 97.59 MB
  • 2019.09.17 00:47
  • Classic
  • fimet, michelle 106p, door knob, window handle, handle bracket, handle on the bar, nickel, brass
  • Michelle 106P Classic Fimet Door Handle Set (with ceramic handle)

    In file: - The handle on the socket 106P-269 - Overlay for cylinder and key 269 PAT - The handle on a level 106P-288 - Window handle 106P DK - Handle bracket 106P STG 269

    Materials: - Anthracite F15 (Anthracite) - brass F01 (Polished Brass) - polished nickel F21 (Polished Nikel) - chrome polished F04 (Polished Chrome)

    Handle Material: - white ceramics - black ceramics


    3d MAX 2013 + FBX, Corona, Vray

    ATTENTION! Who works in the V-Ray version lower than 3.1, be careful, in some materials in the BRDF section there is Microfaset GTR (GGX), if your version is older than 3.1, then the BRDF field will be empty. Choose Blinn, Phong or Ward - which is more preferable for you

    A set of Fimet Michelle 106 pens (with metal handle) can be downloaded here: 

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