• Nick_pan 7 months ago
    Brilliant !!!)
  • Tema001 7 months ago
    Very cool...
  • Barbatana 7 months ago
    Amazing collection:) so many cool models in one set:)
  • danro 7 months ago
    It will be a HIT! Let's. I will definitely buy
    • AlexHappy 7 months ago
      If there is a hit, then I will do it again;)
  • c3dm 7 months ago
    Cool, for distant plans what you need! THX
  • Ben-Hur 7 months ago
    heh .. at such a pace you can see in the announcements 3ddd and 3dskay closed in a couple of countries)
    good models ...
  • DaNPride 7 months ago
    The idea is super! The author clearly understands how conveniently and quickly fill the scene with surroundings. Come on, I’ll buy such sets.
    That would be the same thing, but people, so that their color of clothes changes.
  • hey_ley 7 months ago
    freaked out so freaked out, otherwise all kinds of flowers
  • cgalex 7 months ago
    Alex is handsome!
  • SERGEYSV77 7 months ago
    Cool Well done +5
  • Zolty 7 months ago
    This is a parking for 3. I can imagine how I got out in the morning and think for 20 minutes how to get out, then I spat and went into the subway.
  • яшокк) 7 months ago
    come on, I’ll make another pack of 20-30 cars like a visa or Evera, only the price is 150 rubles, which they sell for 100+ euros :)
  • spurt 7 months ago
  • DagSergio 7 months ago
    with disks for vesta went too far) and so excellent
  • UMD 7 months ago
    Low poly good
  • bagdamov 7 months ago
    dude you are cool!!
  • kokoasfalt 7 months ago
    - Why do Range Rover owners never say hello to each other?
    - They already saw each other in the morning at the service!
  • antonzaicev 7 months ago
    fine!!!! thank you very much))))) throw people for garbage in the scene))) good and easy people need them a little .... in every sense)))))
  • Conroy 7 months ago
    Nice !!!
  • V.Dolgalev 7 months ago
    As always, the top!
  • petrovich23rus 7 months ago
    how did Rover get into this team?))
    • sashanon 7 months ago
      so that others understand their wretchedness))
  • daffake 7 months ago
  • arminradan 7 months ago
    that's really useful
  • alyona_anoyla 7 months ago
    Damn, I wanted to do this. You got ahead of me)
    • AlexHappy 7 months ago
      Do not worry, there are many more cars. Enough for everyone.
      • alyona_anoyla 7 months ago
        I am not upset, I just expressed myself incorrectly, I only had thoughts on this subject, and when they would be realized is unknown. I just think that the same ideas sometimes come to different people at the same time) It's great that you made this model, it will come in handy for many, I think.
        • Action-sen 7 months ago
          The most annoying thing about this is that they may later think that you coordinated the idea .. I’m making a model now (I even wanted to use a few based on one), and the other day I posted a similar one, and in the comments I suggested making a series .. I already decided not to continue my ((
          • AlexHappy 7 months ago
            If I were you, I would have been even more inspired by my idea, since it found confirmation of the need for comments.
  • jurajscerba 7 months ago
    Great. Well thank you.
    It would be great to offer another series of cars that work like this.
  • V.Dolgalev 7 months ago
    From the heart !!
  • Sapsan 7 months ago
    Sanya, this is a HIT!
    Do the namber that !!!
    Thank you !!!
    • AlexHappy 7 months ago
      I’m thinking about it .. While the costs of their creation do not really pay off ...
  • HDHectorDiez 6 months ago
    Thank you!
  • highmoon 6 months ago
  • Tamara 5 months ago
    Bro! No wonder Pro! Liu!
  • sahraroz 5 months ago
  • guru-3ds 3 months ago
    that's what it means to buy and not regret it! thanks a lot! perhaps for all time modelki))
  • ma-x777 3 months ago
  • Assmadi 3 months ago
  • Bare 3 months ago
    How many cars in file?
    And how many colors/ materials?
  • McQueen month ago
  • silverpak month ago
    Cool thanks
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Set of low poly cars 1pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + obj
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 16 MB
Date: 2019.10.15 14:22
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal

A set of low poly cars to fill the exterior. ----------------------- 4 car models: - Range Rover Discovery Sport (7 colors) - Hyundai Solaris (7 colors) - Lada Vesta SW Cross (5 colors) - Lada Vesta Cross (12 colors) ----------------------- - models are made for smoothing; for medium and close plans, put TurboSmooth at 1 or 2 iterations; - there is no salon; - lights made texture; - each car has several color options configured in CoronaMultiMap and VRayMultiSubTex for Corona and VRay render, respectively (they will be randomly assigned when copying); - randomly configured to change 5 auto numbers; - everything is configured for the scatter; - Who works in the V-Ray version lower than 3.1, be careful, in the materials in the BRDF section there is Microfaset GTR (GGX), if your version is older than 3.1, then the BRDF field will be empty. Choose Blinn, Phong or Ward - which is preferable for you. ----------------------- In the archive: 2014 and 2011 MAX (Corona 1.74 + VRay 3.40) + OBJ + MTL 80 930 polygons 3.3 MB texture ----------------------- Good renders to you!