• egor98 year ago
    Although here the ruble exchange rate is stable)
  • alexman312 year ago
    Hey! Hey! Hey!!!!! Removed !!!!!!
    Against the law, go for the razor's edge! Come on, dollar 32p. write it down It took me 5 years from a psychotherapist to learn how to multiply by 32 ....
    • Sayver year ago
      32? I multiplied by 30 for a long time)
  • Yehat year ago
    CHYGUU and SHYGU me, please.
    • labzin year ago
      WITH CHYGUU and SHYGU "Any inscription" as a gift!
  • nitrogen092 year ago
    According to the preview, I thought it was a scoreboard from the Delorian-time machine.
  • kokoasfalt year ago
    powder, go away))
  • Gorla4MS year ago
    And why is the flag of Ukraine turned upside down?
  • A_Sadriano year ago
    In tennis, there can be no draw in the set)
  • Zom6ie year ago
    Very useful thing!
  • V.Dolgalev year ago
    To go on, on the preview it seemed that it was the scoreboard of the Delorian Marty))
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