• DoCentttt 7 months ago
    And here is the winner
  • Ecarum 7 months ago
    Beautiful set! The first question that arose as the basket closes, if this bootel sticks out this way)
    • Артур56 7 months ago
      Her then set))
      Well, like there were glasses initially)
      • Predator84 7 months ago
        right, you need to drink bottles, that these small bottles, they only take up space, 4 should be enough)))
  • Kagerou 7 months ago
    Eh .. I wanted to have a picnic ... It's a pity the summer is cold this year.
  • Nik3D_design18 7 months ago
    self defense knives? fight off the beast?)) Pts cool presentation)
  • ZhSa99 7 months ago
    Great job! It is strange that it is not PRO .. The most worthy of this status is the work of the currently sent in my opinion!)
  • PavlikGlydza 7 months ago
    • Артур56 7 months ago
      By the way, yes, it looks organic)
      True, it happened by accident)
  • lion186 7 months ago
    Looks great!
  • Elena_71 7 months ago
    Great picnic set!
  • Cryptos 7 months ago
  • AlexeyAT 7 months ago
    A great set to bring your 3-d woman to a romantic date, drink 3-d wine and ... And a good model.
  • Megabombus 7 months ago
    Great model! 5 stars, definitely! well done!
  • Irinkaufa 7 months ago
  • Crimson6666 7 months ago
    From the realism of the vinyl, I even wanted to swell, right at the workplace.
  • DarkUncia 7 months ago
    Hey. Great work, the boss said that’s what we have in the store — now give a link to the original and the manufacturer to place an order for him and put it up for sale in the store. I wish you good luck, I think you have every chance of winning this contest.
  • Katrin_009 7 months ago
    This is a MASTERPIECE among all picnic sets, an unambiguous VICTORY in the competition! Good luck ;)
  • Uraken 7 months ago
    4 accidentally slapped, 5 out of 5. I wish you a place in the top three!
  • Valeriya1823 7 months ago
    Cool model !!!
  • went exactly 3 days and abruptly left for 10 votes from Docenttt) There is a game in black)
  • paeonie 7 months ago
    Wonderful job! In my opinion, a little irregularity in the arrangement of objects can be added: straighten a couple of millimeters here and there to move / turn the cutlery - for the sake of realism)) 5!
  • yuklya1993 7 months ago
    Great model!
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NEWBURY picnic basket decor set | Newbury Decorative Picnic Setpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + obj
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 36 MB
Date: 2019.08.06 14:24
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Classic
Material: Rattan Organics

NEWBURY picnic basket decor set

English-style basket with deluxe service for four. Features porcelain plates. Made of willow with cotton lining.

520 x 337 x 203 mm

Polys: 277,743 Verts: 226 365

Vray + corona


picnic, basket, decor set, outdor, food, service, wine, cherry, apple, bottle, spoon, fork, knife, table-knife, dish, dishes, cup, jug, decanter, wineglass, outing, junket, paseo, basket lunch, fete champetre, hike