• eroshik75 4 years ago
    Well, I smiled ...
    • 01678051982 3 years ago
      Sorry, you can give yourself applying this model by sending files via e-mail is not? Thank you.
  • tonik2002 4 years ago
    From the series: "to my mother" or "Departure 2000"
  • heno90 4 years ago
    klasss ha ha)))
  • How lovely :) Soon all the interiors for your favorite ordered it;) Luxury vesch :)))
  • Jacot 4 years ago
    Wow, a sudden splash, no wonder Harry Potter reading))
  • Morcovka 4 years ago
    Class! : D
  • Aliasger 4 years ago
    hey how abt u making fire bolt... :)
  • sergyn4ik 4 years ago
    can someone of Gary zamodelet)))))
  • alesya5enot 4 years ago
    Class! I love, but the "Lightning" cooler;)
  • aress81 4 years ago
    just do a cafe fan club Pottera.Poveshu the ceiling! Thank you!
  • polygonchik 4 years ago
    for the glamor of the Sabbath)
  • Jacot 4 years ago
    Nimbus 2000 came first in our minds, so give him credit.
  • CgForge 4 years ago
  • fill_art 4 years ago
    I waited for him
  • trenadcat 4 years ago
    Oh, well done in! Waiting even what some meshes of Harry Potter! =)
  • Jacot 4 years ago
    So as:http://3ddd.ru/3dmodels/show/quidditch_game_set  Hopefully come the inspiration for something else!
  • Ellestinium 4 years ago
    all. Potter went to watch all 6 parts
  • W00T 4 years ago
    To set goals for download. Thank you) It is a pity that the competition did not win modelc sports kit.
  • fill_art 4 years ago
    why not see transport?
  • ssubmarinaa 3 years ago
    I saw a broom, knew immediately who afftor model !!! My son your fan))) Cool!)
  • multibonifaci 3 years ago
    and how is this model that I downloaded from an adjacent site obsalyutno free and exactly the same, but without the texture and design of a little more.
  • Jacot 3 years ago
    kinne link to HP, you look, and I'll tell you mine or not,
  • Nataniella 2 years ago
  • АlbinA 2 years ago
    CLASS! Thank you! Have helped out !!
    • Jacot 2 years ago
      It's my pleasure ! In the arsenal I have two more modelki there. Probably, ahead still.
  • SOFOCKL year ago
    ohh, milota! :)
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Nimbus 2000pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2015 + fbx
Render: Vray
Size: 26 MB
Date: 2016.01.26 23:17
Style: Ethnic
Material: Wood

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