Wallpaper 175

                                    Wallpaper 175
  • 3dsMax 2011 + fbx (Corona)
  • 2.02 MB
  • 2019.06.05 12:31
  • Ethnic
  • wallpaper, wall, fresco, forest, palm, tropics, trees, londonart
  • Wallpaper 175

    Product: Tropical Mornings Manufacturer: LONDONART Designer: Francesco Besso Country: Italy Launched: 2017

    Seamless horizontal texture! The texture in the file is made in proportions, but the size of the picture should be specified in the catalog! Plinth and laminate in the archive there!

    Drawing: classical wall, graphics like a painted or fresco palm tree, thickets, forest, fern, grass, tropics, jungle, liana Style: classic, eclectic, ethno

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