• Jacot 3 years ago
    Once I started Model GP, I was like to watch what others are doing.
    Sam wanted to close up for the contest Diagon Alley, but time did not allow, unfortunately.
  • NAS087 3 years ago
    As seen, so soon I learned. Made very realistic and looks like))))))))) The author tried, well done!
  • heno90 3 years ago
    "Inguard liviosa" said Hermione as the waving his wand, just purchased in this store))))))))))))))))) really well)))
  • alekserog 3 years ago
    Cool! So zdorovski it happened!
  • Artnway 3 years ago
    Hello, very nice work)
  • OkanE 3 years ago
    Come on!!!! Super! +1000500
  • shaguar 3 years ago
    Ekspellia-and-rmus !!!! Krutyak!
  • Ellestinium 3 years ago
    Oh, Bozhechki Bozhechki BOOZHECHKI !!!! This is the fire !! I vote adnaznachna !!
  • alisa_milafon 3 years ago
    Like! Definitely I vote for you! Well done!
  • rm-style 3 years ago
  • LIN11116 3 years ago
  • MastaMan 3 years ago
    Good luck
  • Ramzes-Architect 3 years ago
  • KLia 3 years ago
    Wow! I wanted Potter to review! Work fascinates!
  • volc90 3 years ago
    Atmospheric! class
  • AriSHaDesign 3 years ago
    class, cool))) miss Harry, how quickly I grew up (((
  • oxanafox 3 years ago
    Thanks everybody! I love these books and decided that a bit of magic we can not hurt)
  • miledi_requiem 3 years ago
    WOW! WOW! WOW!
  • Norco 3 years ago
    Sam are participating in the contest and decided that it would be right not to vote, but here I just could not resist. The combination of ideas and execution causes such strong emotions.
  • Germain 3 years ago
    Congratulations, great job!
  • DarinaChevy 3 years ago
    Ochen krasivo!))) Udachi Vam!)))
  • W00T 3 years ago
    The collection grows GP)
  • Planka 3 years ago
    HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!
  • natasha7march@mail.ru 3 years ago
    Excellent work!
  • Antonio77 3 years ago
  • pradgnya 3 years ago
    The great thing about that is beautiful is not just an idea, but the implementation is fantastic !!! My voice is yours! Luxuriously!
  • EnEimis 3 years ago
  • julia_D 3 years ago
    Very cool. Straight feel the atmosphere) My vote for your work)
  • Expohouse 3 years ago
    This is currently Zhogov! ) Of the votes!
  • goluboglazay@list.ru 3 years ago
  • artpeople 3 years ago
    Excellent!!! spasiibo a great idea for GP five world!
  • Alleandra3D 3 years ago
  • Nesquik123 3 years ago
    Thank you) went to review Harry Potter again))
  • re.Jack 3 years ago
    Vzhuuuhh! And Pyaterochka)
  • VikkiRrr1 3 years ago
    real magic!
  • etransmit 3 years ago
    The best thing that I saw! Thank you for this job!
  • Cryptos 3 years ago
  • werbaq 3 years ago
    Daaaaaa !!!! It's Harry Potter))))))))))))
  • MisterNoGG 3 years ago
    Tightens, very atmospheric: 3
  • tony_black 3 years ago
    uh straight facade killed avadakidabraaaa !!!!! 100% winner
  • Rainbow-demon 3 years ago
    Super! I hope your work will win)))
  • Rabusta90 3 years ago
    Cool!! very atmospheric !!
  • Matrunenko 3 years ago
    There definitely could not have done without magic!
    Quote: "Konfundus, Konyunktivitus" - spell osleplyaeyuschee enemy and plunges him into a stupor.
  • Rendom 3 years ago
    Highly! :)))
  • muriks 3 years ago
    Top class!
  • Anyutka 96 3 years ago
    simply smartly done !!!!!
  • cholle 3 years ago
    Too good!
  • Ivanart 3 years ago
    Cheater) clear who won))
  • feruzabonush 3 years ago
    super 5+
  • begemotik 3 years ago
    Very high quality and beautifully turned out. Well done!
  • gorbunkov 3 years ago
  • ЛисаКот 3 years ago
    And where it is possible to put in some interior views ???
  • pepelh 3 years ago
    Well it was necessary to guess =) congratulations, a great idea =)
  • iolanta989 3 years ago
    Congratulations on your well-deserved victory!
  • 2garyn 3 years ago
    apparent victory
  • koslev 3 years ago
    Congratulations! You are very clever! Deservedly, in my opinion.
  • Ellestinium 3 years ago
    Handsome ... congratulations to the first place!
  • Salimka_94 3 years ago
    Congratulations!)) Worthy of victory))
  • werbaq 3 years ago
  • Turbogang 3 years ago
    Super, you have the topic very well implemented. Keep it up.
  • roussaline 3 years ago
    Congratulations, for you are very ill, but failed to vote, done !!!!
  • space_solutions 3 years ago
    Ofigenski! Congratulations!
  • Ali-hon 3 years ago
    Very nice youngster
  • terwollf 3 years ago
    Frankly not enough bump, reflection in the windows look strange, walls and convex surfaces look flat, inexpressive stage. You could do much better. Do not mean to offend, this is only my opinion
  • vladkapr 3 years ago
    Very good work, though, the place is too creepy - even horror movies are shot!
  • rapunzel585 3 years ago
    author!!! you're so good!
  • Resolutiorj 3 years ago
  • flykix 2 years ago
    Can't even purchase it... how?
  • ilgar005 2 years ago
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPASIBO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Harry Potter)))))))))))) superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr))))))))))))))
  • Evgenny year ago
    Yes you are kidding ?! I was struck like lightning! No, not an eyebrow, but in the heart! This I did not expect. Damn, thanks. So unexpected and so nice.
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Ollivanders Wand Shoppro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 87 MB
Date: 2017.03.20 13:20
Style: Classic

Ollivander's shop "(English« Ollivander's Wand Shop ».) - Shop wands belonging to an old family of manufacturers wands Ollivander. The shop is located in the "shabby little building" on the south side of Diagon Alley. A copy of the facade of the shop of the Harry Potter films. The number of polygons at the 1 iteration TurboSmooth - 237548 Walk on Diagon Alley here https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.6931741,-0.4196477,3a,75y,94.25h,108.61t/data=!3m7! 1e1! 3m5! 1sFCwE2-tyrRO8k3b-AIKSzg! 2e0! 3e2! 7i13312! 8i6656? hl = en