OM Bra with crystal Bogate's 253/5 Strotskis

                                    OM Bra with crystal Bogate's 253/5 Strotskis
  • 3dsMax 2015 + fbx (Vray)
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  • 2018.11.07 10:00
  • Classic
  • strotskis, crystal, chromium, metal, white, ariadne
  • Crystal sconce Article: 253/5 Strotskis Series: Ariadne Brand: Bogate's

    Construction Specifications 330 mm length Width 450 mm Height 540 mm Number of lamps 5 pcs. E14 base Type of lamp wall lamp Metal reinforcement material Chrome color fittings Crystal decoration material Crystal clear color Type of fixing luminaire strap Bogate`s Trade Group Living room; hotel; Vacation home; bedroom

    Electrical parameters Voltage 230 V Maximum lamp power 60 W Network frequency 50 Hz Performance specifications IP 20 IP dust and moisture protection Recommended lighting area of ​​24 square meters. Warranty period of 12 months Degree of protection against electric shock 1 Operating temperature range from -10 to +40 ° C Service life 8 years additional information Mounting bracket 1 (120) mm The size of a wall bowl is 420 mm

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