OM Sliding doors ARISTO, FLORENCE, Flor.9, Flor.6

                                    OM Sliding doors ARISTO, FLORENCE, Flor.9, Flor.6
  • 3dsMax 2013 + obj (Vray)
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  • 2019.07.02 22:31
  • Classic
  • cupboard, closet, a door, coupe, sliding, interroom, mirror, cornice, pilaster, patina, tree, zoning, aristo, florence, engraving, stained glass window, milling, rhombus
  • Sliding / integrated doors ARISTO Collection: FLORENCE (FLORENCE) Door models: Flor.9, Flor.6 Classic-style exclusive sliding doors from the leading Russian manufacturer. For built-in wardrobe, dressing room, pantry or zoning premises. Are made by individual sizes up to 2808 mm in 26 colors. Doors one-sided with a decorative frame: eaves, pilasters and the basis. The aluminum profile of the system is part of the door leaf. Doors FLORENCE (FLORENCE) - is a natural aesthetics and simple geometry of the forms of classical style. The main accent of the collection is mirrors with rhombuses, made in the technique of polished diamond engraving with a characteristic brilliance. Link to the collection:  _________________________________ Special conditions for architects and interior designers: - personal manager; - consulting technologists; - discount on products. ___________________________

    For the convenience of working in 3ds Max: - resizable models: door assembly + a set of decorative elements of the frame; - a palette of color solutions with customized materials (26 textures); - unique names of objects in the scene. Thank you for your attention to the company and products ARISTO!

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