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    (For Blender user: Import obj file and scale everything to the height of the door. Save as a Blender file and assign the material one of the desired wood texture. In the object mode "Viewport Shading" select material, then the texture is displayed on the object. An error is that, for example, "Door_leaf_Yv_90_2_ARISTO_RU" displays the entire texture vertically. The horizontal divisions should show a longitudinal grain of the wood in the horizontal. View in Blender Edit mode and UV Image Editor. Mark the individual rungs or transverse surfaces with the selection "B" or "C" and turn these surfaces 90 degrees in the UV Image Editor. In 3Dview (edit mode), the rotated grain is immediately visible and the entire look of the door looks better structured.)
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OM Sliding doors ARISTO, Ivoire, Yv.90.3, Yv.90.2om


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 67 MB
Date: 2019.06.13 16:08
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Classic
Material: Wood

Sliding / integrated doors ARISTO Collection: YVOIRE (IVOAR) Door models: Yv.90.3, Yv.90.2 Exclusive sliding doors in classic style from the leading Russian manufacturer. For built-in wardrobe, dressing room, storage room or zoning room. Are made by the individual sizes up to 2808 mm high in 26 flowers. Doors one-sided with a decorative frame: eaves, pilasters and the basis. The aluminum profile of the system is part of the door leaf. The Yvoire collection (Ivoire) is a classic line and style with a hint of romantic Provence: milling in the form of “windows”, mirror stained glass windows with a wide facet around the perimeter resemble “French doors” and create a panoramic glazing effect. Link to the collection: https://www.aristo.ru/produktsiya/dveri-kupe/kollektsiya-yvoire/  _________________________________ Special conditions for architects and interior designers: - personal manager; - consulting technologists; - discount on products. ___________________________ For the convenience of working in 3d Max: - resizable models: door assembly + a set of decorative elements of the frame; - a palette of color solutions with customized materials (26 textures); - unique names of objects in the scene. Thank you for your attention to the company and products ARISTO! www.aristo.ru