Free-standing Oasis Group Plisse Sink

                                    Free-standing Oasis Group Plisse Sink
  • 3dsMax 2011 + fbx (Vray+Corona)
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  • 2019.04.14 22:58
  • Classic
  • oasis, plisse, sink, washbasin, floor sink, bathroom, a bathroom, bath, ceramics, gold, silver, chromium, ornament, art deco
  • Manufacturer: Oasis Group (Italy) Collection: PLISSE Material: Ceramics Finishes: Gold, chrome, inlays Manufacturer Website: http://www.oasisgroup.it 

    Free-standing ceramic sink with floor drain, complete with open stopper, siphon and flexible hose, part number OPI440CE, dimensions (Height x Diameter): 950x440 mm.

    Simple, but luxurious and elegant thanks to the delicate execution, the PLISSE sink-column resembles the folds of a dress, visually giving it not only volume, but also giving the impression of free movement. The PLISSE sink-column seems to us a classical sculpture, which resembles ancient Greek temples in its ideal forms. Like the ancient peplum, the PLISSE sink-column, made of white ceramics, has decorative inserts made of gold and chrome, which seem to emphasize the “thin waist”, like high fashion alongside.

    The kit includes: - freestanding Plisse GOLD Sink - freestanding Sink Plisse CHROME - freestanding Plisse VIENNA Decoration Sink - freestanding washbasin Plisse MYKONOS Decoration - freestanding Plisse ISTANBUL Decoration Sink

    IMPORTANT! Sink is not cheap (about 3.000 euros). Use it carefully so that you do not break your head over the selection of analogs.

    Polygons / Vertices: 257 520/257 530

    Textures traced specifically for this model.

    The archive contains files Corona Renderer 1.7 3Ds Max 2011, V-ray 3.60.03 3Ds Max 2011, FBX Corona Renderer 1.7, FBX V-ray 3.60.03.

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