• shamsudheen 2 years ago
    Sure 5+ accidentally happent
  • vk3d 2 years ago
    Something does not look like at all, and the rice is too small and the sunflower is too even and dry everything)https://espanarusa.com/files/autoupload/43/58/21/q4kvfakl381333.jpg 
    Here are the sangria and olives turned out great.
    • Zom6ie 2 years ago
      Everything is gorgeous.
      Download the model, do the same close-up and compare the pictures.
      • vk3d 2 years ago
        I just ate paella in Spain and tried to cook it myself even later. It looks more like broth by consistency .. like a swamp. Yes, and criticism does not apply to you, but to the model or at least the author of the note. If you like the model - great, download and buy for health, I'm only FOR)
        • Zom6ie 2 years ago
          It's great that you ate it. What's next?
          Each cook cooks differently! In the same Italy, even ...
          Are you targeting what? For larger / boiled / other (because of the sauce for example) color / swollen rice?
          Do you think everyone should cook just like in your reference?

          I'm just surprised by childish maximalism and your unwillingness to ask yourself the simplest questions.
          Have you tried the model to taste?
          I just can not understand just)))

          Grab the word "Paella" in Google and open the picture tab - it is full of completely different options.
          For example:https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/8f/9paella.jpg/267px-9paella.jpg 
          • vk3d 2 years ago
            Do not you talk to anyone or something? I wrote my opinion and your every one will not change it. If you do not see the difference between the real paella and the one in the model - your problems, not mine. Just like what you seem between Spain and Italy do not see the difference)
            • Zom6ie 2 years ago
              Can I ask you a question too ... do you want to pamper yourself?
              I wrote to you the real state of things in the world of cooking / cuisine - and your "very important" opinion does not completely change the state of things in the world - you can stay with it, at least without it.

              And if you are not able to realize that there are a great many options for making paella and by what reference the author nobody knows, then these are also your personal problems, not mine.

              I have sent you Italy to Spain, if you are so petty and principled and again unable to understand that this is just an automatic replacement for T9.
            • vk3d 2 years ago
              Your opinion about our opinion is very important for us, stay in touch.
            • Zom6ie 2 years ago
              Relax and take a ride back to your favorite Spain ... lead the soul!
              You're such a unique connoisseur of paella - just where to go)))
            • vk3d 2 years ago
              That Zom6i: It is necessary to treat the ulcer, dear Zom6i, otherwise they have become very bad) You don’t know how, do not stop others from developing. Criticism is a useful thing at times on the path of development and it did not belong to you! In this case, you simply shake the air with the keys of your unfortunate keyboard, that is, you are engaged in flood and you incline to it. Nothing useful was said, but everything is trying to hurt my personality - it will not work, calm down already. If you did not understand the previous message in cultural terms, then I can’t write to you normally, as the site’s censorship does not allow. So just adios spanish!
              To the author of the model: In order not to completely turn your message into a flood, I would note that the scale of the tin and the elaboration of the “landscape” of the geometry under the displacement could improve the perception of the picture and make the dish much more realistic.
              And sorry for the extra posts.
            • Zom6ie 2 years ago
              Any criticism must be constructive and objective!
              And at the moment you are shaking the air with your apparently “happy” keyboard, only you are here.

              You have a cult of exclusivity yourself.
              Grow up!

              You have already said 2 times and still can not leave.
              Take a shower.
              Do not burn)))
  • dilya_1 2 years ago
    It seems to me for medium angles excellent :)
  • Omid ghiasvand 2 years ago
    I feel like I'm upset
  • Generasim 2 years ago
    Paella is pilaf, only seafood instead of meat)
  • Nik3D_design18 2 years ago
  • alexkopylov 2 years ago
  • a...rt 2 years ago
    carafe pinned!
  • Zom6ie 2 years ago
    Mmmmm ...
  • yuraolar 2 years ago
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Paella with seafood | Paella de mariscopro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2012 + fbx
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 91 MB
Date: 2018.12.24 04:03
Formfactor: Circle
Style: Ethnic
Material: Metal Organics

Classic paella with sangria and salad.

120.982 polygons (without smoothing).

There is no anti-aliasing in export files: when using FBX Turbosmooth, you can apply it entirely to the whole set.

On large plans, it is recommended to lower the screen size in the displacement settings for better rice detailing.