Palm tree in a pot

                                    Palm tree in a pot
  • 3dsMax 2013 + fbx (Vray+Corona)
  • 11.95 MB
  • 2019.06.10 19:16
  • Ethnic
  • palm, greenery, eco, leaves, decor, plant, entourage, exterior, gardening, branches, fern, pot
  • Palm tree in a pot

    Height 180cm Model as a single object Pivot pot bottom

    Leaves are made by geometry. The model has a light weight - about 5mb

    Archived models with materials for Corona and Vray

    max2013 + FBX Editable mesh

    238,994 - polys 144,665 - verts

    Will go for interior, outdoor use, cafes, bars, restaurants, terraces, balconies, roofs, landscaping, zoning

    Enjoy using :)

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