TECEsolid Flush Panels (OM)

                                    TECEsolid Flush Panels (OM)
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  • 2019.09.11 16:15
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  • tece, flush plate, installation, flush key, key
  • TECEsolid is a series of metal flush panels. This is a reliable and aesthetic solution, which is designed primarily for places with increased cross-country ability. Integrated anti-vandal solutions are used in the design: the front surface is made of thick stainless steel, and the panel is secured against theft and removal by a special hidden screw. Rubber damping inserts under the keys provide a quiet press for added comfort. The flush plate is compatible with all universal drain tanks and TECE. Dimensions (W x H x D): 220 x 150 x 6 mm

    This archive contains 4 flush panels: 1. TECEsolid satin stainless steel art. 9240434 2. TECEsolid chrome glossy art. 9240431 3. TECEsolid white glossy art. 9240432 4. TECEsolid white matt art. 9240433

    Producer: TECE (Germany) www.tece.com/ru

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Lyskanych Ivan
Lyskanych Ivan