Fern in pots. 4 modelspro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 57 MB
Date: 2019.05.03 22:26
Formfactor: Circle
Style: Classic
Material: Stone Organics

Fern in pots. 4 models

Plant height: 93-163cm

Leaves made geometry + alpha channel

Weight models - about 18mb Pivot bottom pot Xform

max2013 + FBX Polys - 1,318,209 Verts - 891,320

Archived models with materials for Corona and Vray

Pot and plant - one object

Suitable for interior, outdoor use, cafes, bars, restaurants, terraces, balconies, roofs, landscaping of the local area, gazebos, entrance groups

Enjoy using :)