Patagonia Sheepskin Stool

                                    Patagonia Sheepskin Stool
  • 3dsMax 2010 + fbx (Vray)
  • 59.93 MB
  • 2018.04.06 13:17
  • Ethnic
  • stool, patagonia, wool, fur, sheepskin
  • 3ds Max 2010.V-Ray 2.40.03. File formats fbx without wool. Patagonia Sheepskin Stool. Dimension: 35x35xh40 cm. Max file fur is made by geometry. You can also render the effect by deleting the geometry and including the modifier. Before rendering, go to the Rendering - Effects tab, click on Hair and Fur, and select the mr prim mode below. System units mm. If you are going to render in geometry, then before translating the model translate into a proxy. Render in Effects mode gives a more realistic result.

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