Wicker African wall baskets.

                                    Wicker African wall baskets.
  • 3dsMax 2012 + fbx (Vray+Corona)
  • 7.60 MB
  • 2019.01.17 09:16
  • Ethnic
  • wall baskets, set, decor, eco, wall decor, black and white, the black, white, basket, weaving, plate, africa
  • Set of African baskets for handmade wall decor from Africa.

    Polys: 52 374 Verts: 52 424

    In the archive: .max2012 (V-ray, Corona) .fbx textures preview

    Tags: decorative set, wall decor, wall decor, decor collection, decorative set, africa, eco, weaving, wicker baskets, wicker plates, wall plate, wall plate, basket, africa, zulu, handmade, weaving, braided, black, white, black and white

    Scene in millimeters. Model in the center of coordinates.
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