Plumage 55

                                    Plumage 55
  • 3dsMax 2013 + fbx (Corona)
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  • 2019.09.10 09:41
  • Ethnic
  • lamp, tabletop, pen, feathers, gold, tripod, plumage, black, wait
  • Feather Table Lamp Black / White

    These glamorous feather lamps are decorated with sumptuous black or white feathers held in place by a gold metal wire frame. Soft and delicate, the lights resemble the elegant feather boas and decadent hats of the past, but the design is completely modern. The lamps are decorated with a ring of real feathers, which are fastened with a series of metal golden arches that glow seductively when lit. Available in dark black or pristine white, they come in the form of a pendant or table lamp.

    Made in england

    Theme: gold, black ostrich feathers, luxurious

    Material: steel frame, ostrich feathers Max 40 watts

    Dimensions: diameter 450-500 mm, height about 508 mm (diameter varies due to the use of natural feathers, which may vary slightly in shape)

    FBX format without wool. Before rendering, go to the Rendering - Effects tab, click on Hair and Fur. System units mm.

    https://mineheart.com/feather-table-lamp-black/  https://mineheart.com/feather-table-lamp-white/ 

    Everything is in the archive as a preview 2013 Mach and FBX corona renderer

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Love the model!
Very cool! Thank you so much :)