• Elena.X. year ago
    Does not work 3dsMax 2011 Vray (((. Only fbx Corona. And I have 3dsMax 2012 Vray- very sorry (((
    • bsh year ago
      and fbx VRAY? Write an email - I will send the model
  • Elena.X. year ago
    Many thanks!!!
  • Circa year ago
    It turns out that there is no file for Virai?
    • bsh year ago
      there is! and fbx, and max
      • Circa year ago
        Thank you for the quality model!
  • Evelinapem year ago
    Thanks for the model :)
  • li_na_li year ago
    Thank!! perfectly!))
    • bsh year ago
      glad to help!
  • and 3dsMax 2011 Vray does not work for me Only fbx Corona. And the model was very necessary (((
    • bsh year ago
      write mail, I will send
  • Katya007 year ago
    I also need a lot
    • bsh year ago
      Send in a personal screen purchase
  • Katya007 year ago
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Suspended light Maytoni Modern Starpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + fbx
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 7 MB
Date: 2018.07.14 14:10
Formfactor: Star
Style: Modern
Material: Glass

Frame made of metal. Plafonds in the form of stars of various colors. MOD246-PL-01-AM MOD242-PL-01-AM MOD246-PL-01-BL MOD242-PL-01-BL MOD246-PL-01-GN MOD242-PL-01-GN MOD246-PL-01-TR MOD242-PL-01-TR MOD246-PL-01-R MOD242-PL-01-R

Dimensions of large suspension: Min. height, mm: 280 Max. height, mm: 1411 Number of lamps, pcs .: 1 X G9 (28W) Width, mm: 200 Depth, mm: 65

Dimensions of small suspension: Min. height, mm: 225 Max. height, mm: 1360 Number of lamps, pcs .: 1 X G9 (28W) Width, mm: 140 Depth, mm: 65