• DIZIPRO 3 years ago
  • Planka 3 years ago
  • Colors are excellent! 5+
  • Aviato 3 years ago
    Funky sofa!
  • bestprogram 3 years ago
    As always great!
  • Giorgio Andriani 3 years ago
    Well done!
  • 3Dmitruk 3 years ago
    I noticed a small Oshibochka herein.
    Option 1: 3700h3500h720
    Option 2: 3400h3500h720
    Thanks for the feedback. Steep renders you!
  • 115599aa 3 years ago
    Super set!
  • PROST1R 3 years ago
  • DmitriyKuchmar 3 years ago
  • space_solutions 3 years ago
    Class! To bookmarks!
  • john_croquet 3 years ago
    Coool !
  • nastyrst 3 years ago
    Cool, thanks!
  • Muhriddin-XON 3 years ago
  • januspiotr 3 years ago
    Hi. I recently downloaded a file and there seems to be a problem with fur on a carpet, it doesn't look correct. Did anyone have similar problem?
    • 3Dmitruk 3 years ago
      So far, no one complained. Carefully follow the instructions set out in the description.
      • provler 2 years ago
        I am also having problem with the carpet, the fur is way to high, even if i reduce the cut lenght to 10mm it still looks nothin like the preview :/
  • dimits 3 years ago
    Thank you!
  • kot_72 3 years ago
    Wonderful model! Special thanks to that all versed in the "spare parts".
  • newme 3 years ago
    Very easy to work with the model !!
    Thank you very much for the skill 5+)))
  • VanRay 3 years ago
    Thank you!
  • ko.di 3 years ago
    Thank you!
  • danavrin 3 years ago
    Excellent! Thank you!
  • lebedeva_tatiana92 2 years ago
    As always, everything is fine! Thank you
  • DropDead483 2 years ago
    Forgive my stupidity, I first stumbled with obzh and mtl files, what to do with the mtl file? how do I load the texture ??
    • 3Dmitruk 2 years ago
      How many years I work, so my hands did not come to the study of this moment. Ask the masters at the forum.
      • DropDead483 2 years ago
        In the sense of ? ) is this your model and you do not know? or whose is she? : D or something I do not understand
  • BidermannM 2 years ago
    Hi, on the picture I can see 2 sofas. Where is the second one?
    • 3Dmitruk 2 years ago
      Good afternoon. There is an additional module in the model. Use it to get a new sofa configuration. It takes a couple of seconds of your time.
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Poliform Paris Seoul sofa_4pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 66 MB
Date: 2016.12.26 21:06
Formfactor: Angle
Style: Modern
Material: Wood Fabric

Sofa Poliform paris-seoul (2 variants angular version): Option 1: Option 2 3700h3500h720: 2400h3500h720 carpet with pile of medium length. Made using Hair and Fur: 3300h3300 displayed correctly: System Units Setup - Millimeters Rendering> Effects> Hair and Fur> Hair> mr prim coffee table Poliform Flute: 500x500 Coffee table Poliform Dama: 380h460 To reduce the file size of the model is translated into a mesh for model editable poly polys: 1095576 verts: 643226