• Systemh11 5 months ago
    The color is not the best, the past was better) otherwise a great model!
    • mr.spoilt 5 months ago
      The color of the rules, the render is unsuccessful, it would look great against the background of the sunset, which was on the render, and the white background would kill everything.
      • Systemh11 5 months ago
        The past was also on a white background. Background can not be put on the preview ...
    • zifir 5 months ago
      Here is a photo of a real model in just such a colorhttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/EAj3cvRW4AA6Zu8.jpg 
    • rawhide85 5 months ago
      the car is different, but the number is the same))
  • ZhSa99 5 months ago
    Very beautiful!
    • c3dm 5 months ago
      Should have been expected
  • Tant 5 months ago
    Shto ti me sharing) once again the beauty is so
  • cgalex 5 months ago
  • petrovich23rus 5 months ago
    Well, it's already straight slyishkom cool)
  • Zakirov 5 months ago
  • Zolty 5 months ago
    And евta evroblyaha numbers
  • MYevtushyk 5 months ago
    Ask for it!
  • dunayevskiy_50@mail.ru 5 months ago
    Deleted comment
  • HenMat 5 months ago
    Cool, bravo !!!!
  • Nik3D_design18 5 months ago
    AS!!! And again without a cup holder? !!))) just kidding, everything is very cool!
  • becki 5 months ago
    cool fire
  • zevsart 5 months ago
  • arminradan 5 months ago
    Excellent work!
  • Constantine1982 5 months ago
    Great model! 5+
  • ayat_7216 5 months ago
    So beautiful
  • ereju 5 months ago
  • reyhaneh2004 5 months ago
    So beautiful
  • NoTriangle 5 months ago
    Is the car roof included in this model also? Thanks!
  • raumgleiter 2 months ago
    This Model causes the corona interactive to stall or take a looong time to start. Any ideas why?
    • zifir 2 months ago
      turn off the Turbosmuz and everything will fly .... a lot of polygons, that's the crown and thinks
      • V.Dolgalev week ago
        even in an empty scene, the render does not start ....
      • V.Dolgalev week ago
        I checked that the problem is in the mesh, we delete it and all the rules ... I thought now no one isp. Meshmus, everything on the turbine is usually ...
        • zifir week ago
          I'm glad that in the end the problem was resolved .... I use mesh using a very old habit
    • V.Dolgalev week ago
      The same song! I searched for a reason for two hours, until I removed the Porsche .... Author, how can I solve the problem? The model is beautiful, and turning off smus is somehow not an option in terms of beauty. And there is not a turbik, but megmus with the 1st iteration in the Render stack
  • raumgleiter 2 months ago
    ah cool thats worked a treat! cheers! :-)
  • пек 2 months ago
    shock =)
  • V.Dolgalev week ago
    In general, treatment with the abandonment of beauty: wherever there is a mesh, we throw the number of iterations to display in the viewport (there it is only for rendering), then bake everything in a poly box.
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Porsche 911 carrera Cabriolet 2019pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 108 MB
Date: 2019.08.05 07:12
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal Leather