• Sawamura 3 years ago
    This car costs 80 thousand dollars and there is no cup holder in it?

    Quote from the movie: "bad guys"
    • Deivo 3 years ago
      This is the sport of his mother CAR! Why is there a cup holder?) When you click on sneakers, one fig all splashes through the cabin.

      Work just freaky, krasauchek, atvechayu !!!
    • Vsemed 3 years ago
      Between the armrest and gearbox ..
    • tadamori 3 years ago
      in a sports car it’s better to keep the steering wheel and not a glass))
    • madideax 2 years ago
      "how much do everyone from whom small ones take large cars?"
      • 3ds-shaman 2 years ago
        apparently you have a big one, and you decided not to take a Porsche, but to buy an eye :)
    • lauder year ago
      There are as many as two cup holders, they leave the torpedo and are made in a way that no one else does in terms of quality
  • free-cent 3 years ago
    Thank. Just saving up for it. I plan to postpone sales in 3ddd
  • Densigner 3 years ago
    Deleted comment
  • islam9589 3 years ago
    Great model. I would feel sorry for it to spread)
    • urdis 3 years ago
      then why else would we model? ) leave or let people do it. anyway, the model will become obsolete in 2-3 years at least by the model line of the concern or technically.
      • Lier 3 years ago
        Such machines do not age. Especially the 911s.
        • albatr0s 3 years ago
          only limited models like the carrera GT do not age, and the price is only increasing, and 911 serials are released in large quantities, just like cayenas and panamers, who have lost a lot in price over the years
          for example, a new 911 is now in the region of 10-15 lyams, a 17-year-old model costs 6, and the more age the higher the price falls, the 2002 model is sold for a month
  • Zolty 3 years ago
    So cheap, with the docks obviously torable.
  • anubiz 3 years ago
    OH MY GODDD!! I love this car so much.
  • Blew 3 years ago
    The model is great! Just great!
  • Germain 3 years ago
    Bravo, uncle Zifir, Bravo !!!
  • Ecarum 3 years ago
    What can I say. Bravo, maestro!
  • 2-16 3 years ago
    Congratulations on the landfill master!
    Very tasty machine looks.
  • Patarach 3 years ago
    Under my house, such a year already has been gathering dust for a year and a half, and by the way, it is not the first time such cool cars have been gathering dust in the street without doing anything ....
    • zifir 3 years ago
      probably all the same is not so, but the last version, since this 992 body only in this (2019) year began to produce
  • kento 3 years ago
    Master of hard-surface modeling!
  • necBTpuko 3 years ago
    Search in all exteriors of the country.
  • krashik 3 years ago
    buzzer mesh) but the master doesn’t roll on the mirror for the master
  • dimarh11 3 years ago
    It seems to me or you do not have circles on the rear bumper (parking sensors)?
  • OlegPN 3 years ago
    Deleted comment
  • csiz 2 years ago
    Each material in the fbx file has its own id?
  • Arlond 2 years ago
    she already appeared on allday - if not you - then swear. let them clean
    • zifir 2 years ago
      thank! wrote to them .... although this is a temporary solution
  • 3ds-shaman 2 years ago
    At first it seemed, then no, it didn’t seem to get into the hood hood form ... but overall not badhttps://www.motor1.com/news/279465/new-2020-porsche-911-debut/ 
  • NSO 2 years ago
    Error in the archive, unable to extract FBX
    • zifir 2 years ago
      try downloading the archive from the site. I just checked and downloaded the archive from here myself. Everything works and is unpacked. When checking used WinRAR 4.20
      • NSO 2 years ago
        I'm on OSX, tried different unpackers and Rar Extractor Pro and Unarchiver both give an error when unpacking.
        I sent you a message in private.
        • zifir 2 years ago
          Model sent. The question seems to have been resolved :-)
  • hampash 2 years ago
    I bought and downloaded a Porsche for my exteriors, (by the way, good work, details, dimensions are correct) and when will your BMW fleet appear? I just have customers who have a BMW, and when they see on the visualizations of their project, BMWs don’t swear terribly))
  • arminradan 3 years ago
  • petrovich23rus 3 years ago
    too cool)
  • free-cent 3 years ago
    For interior
  • ArtemTkachenko 3 years ago
    Master !!!!
  • Tant 3 years ago
    Oh my darling)
  • cgalex 3 years ago
  • bdmitry87 3 years ago
    Great job!
  • vidab 3 years ago
    Masters. Dignified work.
  • a...rt 3 years ago
    is good
  • kok-vad 3 years ago
    Kapets, cool !!!
  • Flamenezo 3 years ago
  • dre112 3 years ago
    Gorgeous model!
  • tony_black 3 years ago
    Bye bye !!!!!
    • tony_black 3 years ago
      Just put on your current project =)
      • zifir 3 years ago
        Soon there will be a couple more variations of this body
  • yogesh420 3 years ago
  • Zakirov 3 years ago
    humble master)
  • archidida 3 years ago
    Standing ovation!
  • DMI_michail 3 years ago
    Impressive! Well done
  • Mostafa Lohrasbi 3 years ago
  • Ramzes-Architect 3 years ago
    he is beautiful
  • zevsart 3 years ago
  • Zom6ie 3 years ago
    Cool model! Thank!
  • danikpranik 2 years ago
  • turbo-one 2 years ago
    Deleted comment
  • SOFOCKL 2 years ago
  • Hossein_Reyhani 2 years ago
  • v e r t e x 2 years ago
  • est_elle 2 years ago
  • Ismoil0505@2002 3 months ago
    Very good
  • Asilbek_Architect 2 months ago
    Cool model! Thank you!
  • danmisanovschi month ago
    The best model!
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Porsche 911 carrera S 2019pro

model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 69 MB
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal Leather