• Pure model 3 months ago
    super! +5
  • AG.edits 3 months ago
    great model!)
  • supergex 3 months ago
    All the same highest level!
  • grol69 3 months ago
    who is next? )
    • zifir 3 months ago
      cayenne coupe next
      • grol69 3 months ago
        Got it)
        .. well, I probably didn’t put it that way) ... I apologize for being at a loss (in my head it sounded like a great, top-end joke)
        ... but I meant that the main one already has a Mazda in the same pitch .... "who is next !?" uh
  • HarliFazer 3 months ago
    How long does this work take?
  • tonik2002 3 months ago
    What did you do?
  • DMed 3 months ago
    v-ray is not enough
    still, most exterior workers are sitting on it
    • zifir 3 months ago
      yes, I agree, it will be necessary to find the time and overtake all the model cars under the vira and reload.
      I hope that within a month I can do it
      • DMed 3 months ago
        and then there are many interesting models that you want to buy, but there is no Wiere version
    • hop28 3 months ago
      What about converters?
      • DMed 3 months ago
        never opened the crown
        and risk the stability of the entire system by installing a pirate crown, for the sake of the converter and rare models (which you can not use) - I’m not going to)
        • Antony1493 3 months ago
          And what exactly is a pirated one, replacing an exe file with the original installer - so 2/3 are probably sitting on pirated software. Yes, and models for the crown are not so rare. In collections along with vray and corona models go.
        • Action-sen 3 months ago
          And you definitely need a pirate? For example, a crown converter from a virae works with an inactive vira.
  • hey_ley 3 months ago
    How long did this performance take?
  • dilya_1 3 months ago
  • владимир_ 3 months ago
    In Britain, the rear numbers are yellow + the dashboard and steering wheel are not visible, but this already would have been all-all in Feng Shui, and very cool.
    • Zolty 3 months ago
      Yes, it turned out a good British car Lexus.
  • MpaKo6ec 3 months ago
    Oh, the racks again deprived attention, and the head restraints look low, the seats are low apparently.
    With such head restraints, people in the cabin look at the torpedo almost.
    And the surfaces at the joints do not show curvature, glare tears strongly, but this is not so important for archvis.
  • cherkio 3 months ago
    cayenne for 150 rubles, in times gone))
    • HarliFazer 3 months ago
      I agree. In order to learn how to model, and even in 10 days, you need to sit a square ass) As a result, the model is sold for next to nothing. Such modeling is not accessible to many, since there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account and not everyone has the patience to bring the model to the result. And then we go in and buy skilled labor for a couple of hundred rubles. The trend is not very healthy, you need to somehow regulate such models. It turns out that someone in 10 minutes makes and sells the curtain for the same price as the author, who has more fundamental knowledge. That should not be so.
      • Action-sen 3 months ago
        But the author also gets access to the database of models. The blinds sewn to the knee do not give this anymore.
  • Nikolay94 3 months ago
    and often buy a car? Does it make sense for a long time to make a model and sell for a penny?
  • tonik2002 3 months ago
    Did you make a blender in max?
  • szr4 3 months ago
    Awesome model! Thank.
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Porsche Cayenne S 2019pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 55 MB
Date: 2019.10.09 18:30
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal