• vmv year ago
  • mjrism year ago
  • NAS087 year ago
    Beauty! :)
  • Peter1986 year ago
    Beautiful model! Thank!
  • Max Klimanov year ago
    thank you !!
  • Max Klimanov year ago
    thank you !!!!
  • yunga-007 year ago
    Please check how your materials are displayed in the version in which you re saved!)
    • fOr_malist year ago
      "in that version" what exactly? The model changed the version of 3d max, which could not affect the shaders specifically, which did not suit you?
      • yunga-007 year ago
        And you open in 2015 max and see what is in the material of the tree in the diffuse slot
  • fOr_malist year ago
    Pavel, there is the same as in all other versions of the 3dmax vray dirt map. Can you give a clear answer what exactly did not suit you?
    • yunga-007 year ago
      The texture of the tree is missing. I had to open in version 2016. In which everything was in order. understand that there was originally. Yes, everything was just missing the texture of the tree in the map
      vray dirt. It seems not that difficult. But I learned this only by opening the model in Max version 2016. And I had to check everything, all the materials in this model. Just if you after re-saving in version 2014, as you have stated, would open this version, then you would immediately understand that after the texture has flown off. I understand that it is not difficult to fix it. But when you buy a model (and not download it for free), then you don’t want such surprises. It was good max 2016, but did not understand what was there for sure. Not only could you have a more difficult card there. The model is excellent .. but I have come across this many times already and, in a working rush, I lost this moment from my temper).
      • fOr_malist year ago
        Thanks for the detailed answer. I would definitely correct the error if I found something to correct. Model checked. All the textures in place, nothing flew off, not lost. Please do not rush to hand out units in such situations.
        • yunga-007 year ago
          Have you checked in which version of max?
          • fOr_malist year ago
            • yunga-007 year ago
              Maybe something was wrong with me .. it was just that such a case was with one model and then not only for me .. and the author himself also checked and found that, opening in 2015, Max had no texture in the vray dirt map. I thought you had the same case. I apologize.
  • eugc year ago
    The model is beautiful! Huge wish to you, as well as to all who make decorative sets. Please be more creative in texture names. maybe some unique letters related to the model to add? book_01, book_02 ....., marble, clay, leaf - for those who shake little models, maybe these names will be unique and there will be no problems, but I actively buy models and now I had to manually replace 28 textures, because the names were already used by someone somewhere, and repeatedly when copying me, the system issued a warning about the coincidence of the names. And the model itself is wonderful, no questions! Thank!
  • little birdie 10 months ago
    Thank! Very good!
  • Fert2016 7 months ago
  • arch-gm 6 months ago
    charming !!!
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model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 83 MB
Date: 2019.01.14 22:35
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Ethnic
Material: Metal Wood



W: 70 " D: 15 " H: 30 "



Archive includes: - OBJ - Textures