• ND_3D 4 years ago
    Here I think there definitely was not expected to see)))
  • Yeah sports equipment such good :)
  • Jacot 4 years ago
    It is also thought so and made. Thank you.
    • khetaggoldenboy 4 years ago
      Also wanted to do on the set kvidichu) only to the stadium) Harry Potter drags)
  • omnomn 4 years ago
  • Banu98 4 years ago
    The unconventional approach))))
  • shamsudheen 4 years ago
    Good luck
  • JulianSadokha 4 years ago
    Very good !
  • sodio 4 years ago
  • DoCentttt 4 years ago
    Yes this is brilliant !!
    • Jacot 4 years ago
      Ahahah, I also thought when deciding what to sort neizezzhennoe zamodelit)
  • nguyenkhang 4 years ago
    very nice
  • Martin85 4 years ago
    This wine!
  • trenadcat 4 years ago
    Great idea! Just re-read the book! Good luck in the contest!
    • Jacot 4 years ago
      And here I am in the fifth, so that idea - simple enough)) Thank you!
  • alexman312 4 years ago
    This is a complete Hufflepuff boys !!!
  • ewwa111 4 years ago
    Good idea! And at the level of execution :)
  • herelavalentyne 4 years ago
    Now I know who to vote for)
  • zevsart 4 years ago
    nice +++
  • Petzhe 4 years ago
  • anastasea 4 years ago
    Excellent model) Good luck!)
  • Tandemir 4 years ago
    Super! :)
  • gidraaa 4 years ago
    Quidditch))))) Ohhh, will now in all nurseries)))) 5
    • Jacot 4 years ago
      I would be honored))) Thank you for your vote !!!
  • DIMORG 4 years ago
    Accio victory in the competition)))
    • W00T 4 years ago
      Ahah)) The main thing is not "AVADAKEDAVRA competitors")))))))))))))
      • Jacot 4 years ago
        Great idea, it must be zamodelit next)))
  • Parik 4 years ago
    everything is good, but, damn, give adequate model name)
    • Jacot 4 years ago
      My model name was Quidditch game set or something like that. Renamed moderators. I ask to rename, by the way. Thank you !
  • baikot 4 years ago
    Very original)
  • W00T 4 years ago
    Wow) really stands out from the usual sports) Cool) By the way, this summer comes another book)
    • Jacot 4 years ago
      In fact, people around the world play Quidditch. Just Snowboarding - very exotic. Yes, but this book is - is another story. And anyway, I heard about the play, not the book.
      • W00T 4 years ago
        Well, yes, the script for the play. But, nevertheless continued)
  • Rainbow-demon 4 years ago
    Excellent set, thanks! Good luck in the contest!
  • LenaPavlysh 4 years ago
    Cool! Suddenly! And it makes us smile! ))) 5
  • Makaron_Makaron 4 years ago
    Klaaaaass! Even wanted to review movies) in the direction of the work, it's time to relax)))
  • Noin 4 years ago
    Sumptuously! I did not expect that someone else will make a model)))
    • Jacot 4 years ago
      And they turned out to be the one who made the broom))))
      • Noin 4 years ago
        Oh, and there's a broom?
        • Jacot 4 years ago
          Yeah. Previous my model.
  • freshwind 4 years ago
    an interesting thing! 5
  • GSasha 4 years ago
    Wow !!! XD
  • Ellestinium 4 years ago
    Nice. Plus))
  • Romanellie 4 years ago
    Furiously plus !!!
    • Jacot 4 years ago
      Cristina, where are you used to be with fury)))) Thank you!
  • lotok 4 years ago
    steep set))))
  • Evgenny 4 years ago
    Great and creative! A gift to all fans of the SE and not only. Thank you. I'll keep figushki for you.
  • puella 4 years ago
    Great idea and execution))) Good luck!
  • danavrin 4 years ago
    Cool! Good luck! I vote + 5)
  • artpeople 4 years ago
    extraordinary)))! 5
  • Nesquik123 4 years ago
  • Timn 4 years ago
  • pletenka 4 years ago
    Already written, but I repeat-class!
  • Bridget~ 2 years ago
    Wait I can buy this???
    • Jacot 2 years ago
      Do not wait - you can))) !!!
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Quidditch game setpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2015 + fbx
Render: Vray
Size: 37 MB
Date: 2016.02.13 23:18
Style: Ethnic
Material: Wood Fabric

Quidditch - a fictional sports game that is played by the characters of novels Joanne K. Rowling's Harry Potter. The play Quidditch, flying on broomsticks. The game was called after Kvirditch marshes, where it was invented. Quidditch is a competitive sport in the Wizarding World of the Harry Potter universe, featured in the series of novels and movies. Matches are played between two teams of seven players riding flying broomsticks, using four balls: a Quaffle, two Bludgers, and a Golden Snitch.