rabbit kids set 01

                                    rabbit kids set 01
  • 3dsMax 2014 + obj (Corona)
  • 102.03 MB
  • 2019.11.09 21:02
  • Modern
  • pillow, toy, childroom, fur, tent, rug, carpet, rabbit, cloud, kids, set, cloth, girl, boy, furniture, furniture set, wall decor, chair, pink, doll, ladder, decor
  • rabbit kids set 01

    High quality and detail model.

    Units: Millimeters

    Polys: 681492 Verts: 683390

    UVW unwrap: Yes

    Render: corona

    Formats: 3Ds Max 2014, OBJ

    The model consists of 15 pieces

    1Tent (1586 x 1524 x H 2591 mm) 3 Regular pillow 2 Smal chair (480x 480 x H 396 mm) 1 Star pillow 1 Cloud pillow 1 Ladder (192 x 415 x H 1409mm) 1 lighting rope 1 Cloud doll pillow 1 Rabbit doll pillow 2 frame 1 Rabbit rug (2033 x 2029 mm)

    All textures and materials have unique names in English. All objects are logically named and grouped.

    The fur is made with the help of the Hair & Fur modifier.

    If the Vray version is used for rendering, then for the fur, turn on the Hair & Fur modifier and the mr prim mode in the Environment & Effects tab. Obj format does not contain a fur modifier.

    Screen modifier Hair & Fur with settings attached.

    meshsmooth, turbosmooth and hair & fur modifiers are off.

    Before rendering don't forget to turn them on. If there are problems with the rendering of fur contact me i will try to help you.

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