• 3DLeader 2 years ago
    Great, useful script! Thanks
  • AFM 2 years ago
    Inside the group divides the colors of the grid?
    • -NiK- 2 years ago
      Only instances have the same color. All the rest is random. The spectrum of colors is deliberately limited
  • -NiK- 2 years ago
    If someone needs to change the spectrum of colors (for example, add saturation to them), then it's easy to do in the code.
    Line 22 is a hue. random 0 255
    Line 23 - saturation. 100
    Line 24 - the brightness (value). random 200 240

    That is, if we want to increase the saturation - we change the value of 100 in line 23 to its own, for 140 for example, and the colors will become more juicy. The rest is by analogy.
  • speaker_d 2 years ago
    The right token, Blagodarochka!
  • SimpleUser 2 years ago
    Thank you.
  • Lyskanych Ivan 2 years ago
    Thank you
  • StunBreaker 2 years ago
    why free?
    • -NiK- 2 years ago
      Because he is primitive) Maybe he would have been given free, but I just asked for it myself, just in case.
  • artsandsver 2 years ago
    Thank you
  • yuvi3d 2 years ago
    it is not working for me
    • supergex year ago
      Works only on selected objects.
  • Razor77 2 years ago
    Thank you! It is very convenient!
  • Tramvai year ago
    Thank you)
  • dontpiter year ago
    Thank you!)
  • supergex year ago
    Many thanks to the author! Convenient to use before applying CMasking_WireColor. Works only on selected objects.
  • usov.80 year ago
  • tony3DDD 4 months ago
  • xserjx1 2 months ago
    does not start and does not install on max 2017. Nothing happens. Selecting objects does not help.
    • -NiK- 2 months ago
      Everything except for you works. But apparently you are not interested in the reason
  • xserjx1 2 months ago
    http://www.daveandgoliath.com/wire-colour-tools/ - here is a normal script
    • -NiK- 2 months ago
      The essence of my script in the same colors for instances. And yes, the scripts for the grid color are full of different.
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Random Wire Colorfree


model details

Platform: Script
Size: 151 KB
Date: 2018.01.19 13:09
Style: Modern

A script for assigning a random color to Wire Color.

- One color for all instances.

- Only light pastel random colors are used; they are better seen in grid mode (see Before / After image)

It is most convenient to assign to the hotkey, but if desired, you can throw and click on the toolbar.

A short video demonstration - https://youtu.be/etG7FvbD_ac