• evdokimov2209 7 years ago
    the 2013 Max works?!
  • Максим.Л. 7 years ago
    and how do I know I need it or not? :-)
  • desigor 7 years ago
    How to run it properly? I just dragged to the Max and pove?alos? indefinitely.

  • imaga 7 years ago
    Starts, as all ms-Ki by dragging in the viewport.
    In win7 when scripts are long-max pretends that he froze. If you run this script, Max long freeze is in the scene is pretty much the Seafa area.
    To understand need this or not-run script at the bottom left in the Max, blue digits will show how many notes left in the scene. Normal is 6-7. Very strangely, and when their more 500000.
  • svalovalena 7 years ago
    A very handy thing! I advise all
  • Zom6ie 7 years ago
    well this is simply a must try ...
    a working BOT up to 2011 inclusive, MAX-I personally published http://www.3ddd.ru/modules/files/showfile.php?lid=40863 > [b] [color = FF0000] here http://www.3ddd.ru/modules/files/showfile.php?lid=40863 >
    If this script works with Max 2012 and beyond-fine ...
    who test-post pliz here ...and then Milo while many don't work-who already ottestil ...
  • wallop2 7 years ago

    worked at Nene win7 64 or 3dsMax 12 or 11 ...

    and no blue numbers there too (

  • Andrey_Kozlov 7 years ago
    3 l?ma + 1 processor core found, mused on 40 minutes. closed the Max. In General, did not help.
  • imaga 7 years ago
    3 l?ma will take a very long time. Some days)). But it is possible to treat progressively-just stop eskejpom at any time. Continue to next time. Do not close the Hi-just eskejp))
  • grol69 7 years ago
    The scene was 200000 notes ....was 200!
    The scene was 756 MB.become 754 MB))
    ..well, I don't know. ... Thank you)))
  • d1gga 7 years ago
    He better?   gc command ()
  • Mickeyvpn 7 years ago
    Win 7 x 64, 3ds MAX 2012
    Works, but with a decrease of over 100000 up to 200 special acceleration did not bring: (
  • bazild 7 years ago

    Thanks, and other scripts, but this one just knows better!

  • imaga 7 years ago
    gc () this is quite another)))

  • GaliLea 7 years ago
    Thank you very much! Very useful.
  • sBA 7 years ago

    It was about 2800000, I do not know how many hours of night script worked,
    but this morning was the number 4! the scene in weight was decreased by one third

    Thank you!

  • adream 7 years ago

    Thanks for the awesome script eerily saved!!! 12000000 was!!!))))all night worked but the scene as new!! and the creepy Vistula and sejvilos? for half an hour! leaping for joy around the computer)))

  • dima051983 7 years ago

    Thanks, helped a lot! It has 8 900000 (about 2:0).

  • Banderos 7 years ago
    Thank you! Help-scene lasted 25 minutes (series "Interns" managed to see!), after the script seconds 2.
  • Nelu 7 years ago
    Have long sought such a thing, personally, ...))
    Thank you!!

  • Picassoff 7 years ago
    How to run it through the Max script above? If so then the reaction of zero, bottom left, nothing appears.
  • jhonRamon 7 years ago
    Guud everything works ATP)))

  • rm-style 7 years ago

    Thanks, it works on Max 2012 64.

    It was the scene of debris at around 5:0 after cleaning 2300000 was 5! time saves sokratils? times in 15 scenes!

  • mercurygroup 7 years ago
    Organize the script under the 2013 version of Max! Many will be thankful, including myself)))
  • Енка 7 years ago

    tell me please how to install it and how to use it?

  • zakr 7 years ago
    A huge thank you! The file was saved correctly, but was relegated after each movement within. Got work permanently from the tanks. Now mu?a? file-all, ugh-ugh-ugh!)
  • gyra05 7 years ago
    How can I see how much it was rubbish and after a countdown script?
  • voron-blackstar 7 years ago
    everything works fine!     copy Windows 7 2012/64-may
    peeling 50 min.
  • reginache 7 years ago
    Night stood, stood all day hangs a..close or leave yet?
  • Davka 7 years ago
    @ Stuff is nice, but how to install it (((
  • seg 7 years ago
    In contrast I have never had such a familiar, do a project with high quality and pol?zjtes? curves models
  • kimm 7 years ago
    Thank you! works! 3ds max 2011

  • aleksandra465 7 years ago
    Thank you!!!!!!!!It's a cool thing))))!!!!!!
  • Suverteka 7 years ago
    imaga  ,   BRAVO!! AND THANK YOU ...
  • Sergo_Crow 7 years ago
    as for me, it is better to pol?zovat?? the script CLEaner. It's much faster to cope with the removal of debris. 2 lemon nouttrekov for 5 seconds))
  • Irysik 7 years ago
    I do not understand how to install Peret?giva? in the viewport. but ne?egog not happening?, Max 2012h64

  • Mary_02 7 years ago
    14 64 max. prompt works? and how to start?
  • dimanych265 6 years ago
    I have worked for the scene when they themselves persist for a long time, check them in 3D max 2010 32 bit, the file is 10 megabytes weighed after running the script was 8 megabytes weigh and keep rapidly ie load script, Thank you very much. By the way when started at the top was written that max-type dependent, but it hardly seems clean and thought.
  • Raisinka 6 years ago
    Author, thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!! You saved my job would be kissed, honestly))))))) By the way, who are interested, I have Max 13
  • satyam 6 years ago
    Deleted comment
  • mmedeya 6 years ago
    Deleted comment
  • talking_camera 6 years ago
    Explain, please, what is this NoteTracks, and why do they breed?
  • vs1 6 years ago
    For Max Design 2015- suitable?
  • M_A_K 5 years ago
    I was not able to install the script 3dsmax 2012 tried everything, good people help
  • ksch25 5 years ago
    the downloaded file is just a 1k unknown file for win8
  • GreenFox77 5 years ago
    Drag in the viewport nothing happens, how to recognize that the process then it is? 2014 Max, who generally have it load the file?
  • lanagalana 5 years ago
    Good day! You are welcome!!!! Leave a comment, who tried to establish working or not in 2014 max? Thank you in advance!
  • ale-zubkova 5 years ago
    Many thanks to the 340565 reduced to 5 superrr !!!!
  • odyzmil 4 years ago
    Azithkia...this doesnt work
  • Areeb Ahmed 4 years ago
    any one can tell me please is this working? 2013 Max
  • mitakis 3 years ago
    Thank you very much!!! I have 2014 max. All cured) Now I'm happy)
  • g0nz00 3 years ago
    many thanks! 13 Max-stage is cured!)
  • MastaMan 3 years ago
    There is already the best solution for Prune Scene


    or here:

  • giurape 3 years ago
    Thank you !! Mi hai salvato
  • DKulakov 3 years ago
    But the first version of the script did not help ...
  • forgy 2 years ago
    Thank you) Everything works fine
  • aleksej899 2 years ago
    Thank you very much!!!)
    Max 16 (writes nothing, but the scene loads at times faster, and files merdzhatsya at times !!)
  • Bare 3 months ago
    LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!!


    I've just deleted 600MB of note tracks!
    The scene is like on steroids now!
  • Bare 3 months ago
    LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!!


    I've just deleted 600MB of note tracks!
    The scene is like on steroids now!
  • Bare 3 months ago
    I have to say SPASIBKA again! This is the most LIFE SAVER 3dsmax script EVER MADE!
    I am serious...and very very thankful!
  • rudnikov2006 7 years ago
    did not work
  • veent1 7 years ago
    Thank you!
  • queenice74 7 years ago
    How to install?
  • 9670178 7 years ago
    Great thanks!!!
  • michela 7 years ago
    ThanKs, great script!!!
  • ZoSSpro 7 years ago
    the 2014 work?
  • LIN11116 5 years ago
    THANK YOU))))))))))))))))))))
  • yudi3d 4 years ago
    thank you
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An improved version of the famous script. Works in 3 times faster. Stops when you press the esc key. True for highly contaminated scenes. For those who do not know: when the file is suspiciously long, it usually suggests that the breed NoteTracks in Curve Editor. If you do not clean up-with every save file will persist all the longer and more NoteTracks. In the end will have to treat a very painful and long. The merd?e file of any model of contagious-infected target file with the same number of notes. Sc