• Resolutiorj 10 months ago
    thank, but this script same " Uv Xform " ?
    • -NiK- 10 months ago
      I do not understand your question.
  • -NiK- 10 months ago
    Deleted comment
  • uskut 8 months ago
    Thank you very much for the script! As I understand it, the * UV size * parameter needs to be adjusted using the "selection method")
    • -NiK- 8 months ago
      Why is this a selection method? This is in units
      • uskut 8 months ago
        Now I understand, everything is indicated on the preview;)
  • uskut 2 months ago
    A very useful script, well, I’m just not overjoyed. I will write koment until I forget))
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Rescale unwrapfree


model details

Platform: Script
Size: 1 KB
Date: 2019.08.12 15:30
Style: Modern

A script for scaling mapping in the Unwrap modifier. It can be used for scaling under real-world or vice versa to any size in system units.

To scale in real-world you need to enter 1 system unit (1 mm if you work in millimeters).

For the correct calculation of the area mapping must have minimal distortion.