RH Ayla Rug

                                    RH Ayla Rug
  • 3dsMax 2011 + obj (Vray)
  • 8.49 MB
  • 2018.01.11 00:01
  • Ethnic
  • restoration hardware, rh, carpet, sand, gray, ivory, wool
  • Restoration Hardware Rug

    The rug is masterfully tied with a hand from smooth woolen threads and cut into a long, lush pile. Our carpets are made by artisans, and there are no two identical. Given their manual nature, slight changes in shade and size are inherent in the design.

    The collection of carpets includes: AYLA RUG - TAUPE AYLA RUG - SILVER MIST AYLA RUG - GRAY

    The model in 2011 (V-Ray) + obj.
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