• honduras 2 years ago
    Thank you - the theme is such that I thought - but someone will risk doing something useful (after all, there are no chances to win, the people will vote for fantasy-beautifulness - "The madness of the brave we sing a song" (Bitter copyright) - and all that we have from robots in everyday life - this machine and the like (the manufacturer and everything else is indicated) - thanks - the right job - many already use this, let it not be such an impressionable, but very useful robot - very useful when visualizing for "capricious customers" . Thank you for the useful and real model.
    • Action-sen 2 years ago
      Thanks for the tip) I hope and in truth it will come in handy to whom. And I did not count on winning, I understand myself. Especially since I am participating for the first time. The main part! As always during competitions with free time, I do not really))
    • 2600 2 years ago
      I agree completely. For myself, I singled out a favorite in this contest. While the only model that can really come in handy in the work. The rest are not worse, but they are just decor, and, unfortunately, often useless.
  • Allegoria 2 years ago
    LLC, I was waiting for this model! Just because there is a happy owner of this robot in real life. And I do not understand how we used to do without him !.
    • Action-sen 2 years ago
      Looks like it? And I have a simpler robot. And this model on the pictures from the Internet, he likes me very much. The next one will be exactly!))
  • Agapova 2 years ago
    The coolest robot) and most importantly - useful.
  • petrovich23rus 2 years ago
    useful thing. class!
  • rAb1toss 3 months ago
    The most worthy work of all the vacuum cleaner robots on this site, thank you for the work done)
    • Action-sen 3 months ago
      Thank. I'm glad that came in handy)
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Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mijiapro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 7 MB
Date: 2018.02.12 13:06
Formfactor: Circle
Style: Modern
Material: Plastic

Model of the robotic vacuum cleaner from the company Mijia (subdivision xiaomi). Included in the Xiaomi smart home series.

The model is made in two varieties. Full-version with insides (they are visible when the lid is open, its axes are set to open) there is a waste collection tray and LEDs. And the cutted version - the insides are removed, the geometry itself is lightened (that would not fill your interiors with extra geometry that no one will see). There is also a base for charging and a socket with a wire. The stack is not folded. Materials of v-ray and corona. In the archive Obj and Fbx, for relief, in loupoli. At import it is required to throw turbosmooth.

Dimensions: 345x345x96mm Dimensions of the base: 230x100x130mm 156 000 faces highpoly 43 700 faces lowpoly