• OtVint 3 weeks ago
    SALOMON Xa Pro 3D. How not to give a missile defense with such a name)
    • dilya_1 3 weeks ago
      Tricky move: D)))
    • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
      Not even in my thoughts. And you noticed everything with a fresh look. :)
    • Systemh11 3 weeks ago
      I just don't understand one thing, how such an image format is missed
      • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
        I suggest. For the first preview, the rules apply (square 900x900). For the rest, you can also elongated. But the main thing is not to abuse it.
      • 3dproject 3 weeks ago
        and what is wrong?
        • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
          Well, the point is that in the rules of the preview there is only a square. But if that - sometimes you can and a rectangular format (but not for the first preview).
          • Systemh11 3 weeks ago
            Yes, that's not only in the rules, I was sent for re-moderation ... and asked to replace it with square ones, but you are not the first one who puts such a format
            • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
              I was also sent more than once. There are no "redheads" here. Everybody gets it. :) Send me links to the thumbnails in a personal note - maybe I'll tell you something.
      • felinny 3 weeks ago
        I think when a model is of this quality, I don't care what format of pictures in the preview, even triangular: D
        • Systemh11 3 weeks ago
          moderators will argue with you))
          • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
            All the same, throw me those previews that hacked you. All the same, they probably drove me to retake more, and maybe I will see what for which you were chopped with an ax :)
    • Ehsan Barid Mashaghi 3 weeks ago
  • alireza jafarpour 3 weeks ago
    very very nice
  • Sarbagyshev 3 weeks ago
    In the gallery I read how much time was spent, I will say that it is not in vain!
    Great model!
    • Graphicus 3 weeks ago
      and how much interesting)?
      • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
        about 10 days. :) But it is not exactly )))
        • Graphicus 3 weeks ago
          I think the normal time) is not long for such a thorough detail!
  • farshadmoridi 3 weeks ago
    very good
  • jahangraph 3 weeks ago
  • ll3el3i 3 weeks ago
    love it
  • moein_ah5 3 weeks ago
  • shamsudheen 3 weeks ago
    Well done
  • klimova44 3 weeks ago
  • ivashyok 3 weeks ago
  • abdurrashid 3 weeks ago
  • mr.snow 3 weeks ago
  • monew12 3 weeks ago
  • ehsan89 3 weeks ago
  • Zerg1 3 weeks ago
    seen in insta) cool model, I think you will get a master of the landfill
    • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
      Thanks! It would be cool, but most likely that will not pull.
      • Zerg1 3 weeks ago
        everything was drawn there)))))
    • grol69 3 weeks ago
      ... Now we know who gives the master))
      Congratulations maine)
      • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
        Thank you! Pleasantly surprised! I'll go bahn some coffee and get back to work! :)
  • Ehsan Barid Mashaghi 3 weeks ago
    Excellent work...
  • 3mohammadmahdi 3 weeks ago
  • uniquevry3d 3 weeks ago
  • Azam.Amiri.Art 3 weeks ago
  • amir_soltan 3 weeks ago
    very good
  • Zerg1 3 weeks ago
    Deleted comment
  • Reza Moezi 3 weeks ago
  • Aryashams 3 weeks ago
    Woooow Amazing knop
  • Nick_pan 3 weeks ago
    It's really cool!))
  • MuJloCePDHblU 3 weeks ago
    Landfill Master)
  • AndreyYalta 3 weeks ago
    Sumptuously!!! With the master!)
  • reyhaneh2004 3 weeks ago
  • 3Dmitruk 3 weeks ago
  • DowJones 3 weeks ago
    Some comments are funny))
  • zahra.sh.a.m.s 3 weeks ago
  • zevsart 3 weeks ago
  • mona.ghafourian 3 weeks ago
  • saba2020 3 weeks ago
  • sten 3 weeks ago
  • shahramnasil 3 weeks ago
  • Raedsh 3 weeks ago
  • nafe nikzad 3 weeks ago
    so nice
  • Leoky 3 weeks ago
    Super cool! Honored Landfill Master!
  • Behnam.fathi 3 weeks ago
  • mr.spoilt 3 weeks ago
    The model is good, the rendering is also indisputable, but how can you give a polygon master for a model without a mesh. In the comments, the author wrote that "all with pens" - I would like to see.
    • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
      Thank you for your attention! The grid is available both in the previews and by the link in the description. :)
    • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
      And to be honest, I in no way claim to be a landfill master. I think this is an undeserved reward and there are cooler dudes on the site with even cooler works. So if the medal is taken away, I will not even be sad.
      • mr.spoilt 3 weeks ago
        And I think that the landfill masters gave it deservedly, the question is not that, with the grid - I was mistaken and did not see it, did not look at the preview, because yesterday I was looking at the gallery.
  • mr.spoilt 3 weeks ago
    One more note - in the description of the model, apart from the number of vertices and polygons, there is not a word about the model. What hierarchy, what maps, sweeps, what materials, and much more. We read about what wonderful sneakers they are on the website of the sneaker manufacturer, not 3d models.
    • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
      And somewhere there are requirements for the description of materials, maps, sweeps and hierarchy? I have never heard of it.
      • mr.spoilt 3 weeks ago
        Yes, the rules say "Article, manufacturer and correct description." Obviously (and it’s strange that you have to explain it a second time), you are selling a 3d model on the site, not sneakers, therefore, the description of the characteristics must correspond to the product being sold, and these are the characteristics of the 3d model.
        • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
          Sorry if my description doesn't match your requirements. If a template appears in the rules that must be filled in for the "correct" description - I will definitely do it as required by the law! Thanks! :)
        • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
          And why suddenly me? Is it not enough that an unreal amount of working time was spent on this model and is it sold for the same money as other models? Why don't you write such requests under each model of Mr. D *** PRO? There are only 13 thousand of them posted in 4 years. That would make him write a description for the models at least some. Although some models were made clearly faster than writing text to them. Okay. Something Monday began with the wrong note. I'll go to work :)
          • mr.spoilt 3 weeks ago
            It just lacks a good description for the perfect ideal of your model. That's why you are. And under the models of the shit factory with the DIZIPRO brand, I do not write anything, I bought slag once, now I never buy it, and I don’t even download it for free. I tried to redo the model.
  • Montana_ 3 weeks ago
    good job
  • Ogan 3 weeks ago
    nice work
  • c3dm 3 weeks ago
    With the Master you
  • moonikoffice 3 weeks ago
  • YuriiKorzhan 3 weeks ago
    Too good
    • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
      Too good is not good? :)
      • YuriiKorzhan 3 weeks ago
        Tsєnzura)) My upbringing, or the rules of the site were not allowed to pick up another, more popular word)
  • yousef102030a 3 weeks ago
    very good detail
  • SurfX 3 weeks ago
    555555555 !!!!
  • ElizabethBess 3 weeks ago
    Well done Yura, this is cool modeling !!
    • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
      Thank you Alena! Your crosses inspired me! :)
      • ElizabethBess 3 weeks ago
        Thank you)) Mats are gorgeous too!
        • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
          With the materials, I did not hold out a little. I photographed the crosses in the store from all sides but forgot to make large angles of the materials. If I had them always at hand - I could finish shooting. And so I had to pull out of what was. Therefore, in some textures, the resolution was sorely lacking. But if not viewed with a microscope, it will roll :)
  • Lyubov_Vru 3 weeks ago
    Zeeeee, well, of course. I thought the kitty would be forever, the work is cool, I don't need it, but I really want to download and just own it
    • Max_Man 3 weeks ago
      Well, so you have a unique opportunity to buy a model for a low price and own it. And the author will say thank you and his work of many days will pay off at least a little. At least for a chocolate bar :)
  • re.Jack 3 weeks ago
  • CGHWORK 3 weeks ago
    the fire
  • terra3ds 3 weeks ago
    great !!
  • MDM25 3 weeks ago
    amazing work :)
  • ali.khajuei 3 weeks ago
    Perfect work
  • 3dproject 3 weeks ago
    I, as an athlete, and a fan of Salomon are delighted) Although I prefer sneakers of another brand)
  • hitchez08 3 weeks ago
    no, well it looks cool of course!
  • ll3el3i 3 weeks ago
    that so cool, nice
  • aesculap2 3 weeks ago
    perfect model
  • AymanZ86 3 weeks ago
    Just Perfect!
  • Jacksen 3 weeks ago
  • nero2000 2 weeks ago
    nice joob
    • Max_Man 2 weeks ago
      I tried! Thanks for the hundredth comment on the model! :)
  • sarkhare 2 weeks ago
    Very good and high detail model . Salomon is very beautiful sport shoes
  • maryam.amini987 2 weeks ago
    Very nice
  • letruong16arc 2 weeks ago
  • zs_design 2 weeks ago
  • Sesame_Space 2 weeks ago
    juicy it turned out! :)
  • neda matin 2 weeks ago
  • torzhestvo week ago
  • ali_hamidi week ago
  • roomina week ago
    its so great
  • Meilis week ago
    and the preview of the mesh should be done before adding the turbosmus, and the model itself in the archive should be collapsed with one or two iterations, or what?
    • Max_Man week ago
      There are no rules for this. But the rules of good form suggest that you need to make a clean mesh and do not need to collapse anything. Why multiply the number of polygons if there are not many of them initially? This is the value of high quality modeling.
  • Meilis week ago
    because you add turbosmus, or open-up to get smoothed high-poly, and the rules for submitting models say that you need to collapse all modifier stacks
    • Max_Man week ago
      This most likely applies to all other modifiers, but not the turbo oil. I understand that it is not written there, but I think that leaving a bevel or twist with a stack is definitely impossible, because it loads the computer with completely unnecessary work. And turbo-muz, on the contrary, allows you to unload the car with unnecessary work and not litter the scene with redundant polygons. The rules are as follows - they must be used wisely. :)
      • Meilis week ago
        ok, let's say. It turns out and the sweep should be done on the low-poly model (without t-smooth), and then pulled on the high-poly?
  • Max_Man week ago
    Deleted comment
  • hasan.es week ago
    It is a very beautiful product. And really full of details. I hope Weston has a lot of sales
    • Max_Man week ago
      This product does not sell well ...
  • manou60mm 6 days ago
    vray please
  • Omidlotfi 6 days ago
    good and best modeling
  • mmoghadamz 2 days ago
  • hossein.hamidi day ago
    such a great model,i love it
    • Max_Man day ago
      You can buy it! Make it nice for me and yourself. :)
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SALOMON Xa Pro 3Dpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 25 MB
Date: 2020.10.04 12:03
Formfactor: Bioform
Style: Modern
Material: Fabric Leather

SALOMON Xa Pro 3D Lightweight, durable and stable women's running shoe for challenging multi-races, mountain runs, and cross-country competitions. Suitable for both beginners and experienced runners, they fit the foot perfectly and provide a secure grip that gives you confidence. A legendary model that has proven itself in the past. The main difference from previous seasons is the new Premium Wet Traction Contagrip® rubber and redesigned tread pattern for better traction on muddy trails interspersed with hard terrain. Advanced Chassis 3D Technology - Salomon's low-profile chassis between the outsole and midsole improves safety, optimizes energy expenditure, delivers precise movement and protection for a rewarding, stable and comfortable workout. Purpose: mountain races and marathons, long races on rough mountainous terrain, off-road running. Large pictures can be viewed here - https://www.behance.net/gallery/105445075/SALOMON-Xa-Pro-3D  Polys: 129176 Verts: 72054 Beautiful renders!