• pletenka 3 years ago
    Beautiful models, but when rendering beda- hangs tightly max (.
  • goeher 3 years ago
    Hi Pletenka,

    Sorry about the problem, but I think it can be solved by a little more patience ... In this model there are a total of 39 objects with H&F, so the computer has a lot for calculations. On my really fast computer, only first step (Updating objects) of rendering scene with this full model is about 10 minutes long. By this time the computer is really looking like "the dead". Next is shorter (updating instances) step and then rendering is started. I hope that on your computer will be the same...

    Best Regards
    • pletenka 3 years ago
      Thank you for your attention, be sure to try to use your model, when the time will be more in another project. In the meantime, can only admire it in the picture. Thanks again.
  • REZAN 2 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Because of the three elephants, everything hangs. My computer is powerful and it's buggy !!!!!!!!!! Why do not you check the models also for a fee ?????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a pity to pay for this
  • goeher 2 years ago
    Hi Ирис кис-кис,

    Sorry but model was tested and it is really working, but, because of it complexity, is necessary a little more patience... Please read reply for comment no. 1 - all is explained.

    Best Regards
  • hackHaseo year ago
    Similarly, everything dies to death, but I have far from the weakest comp. I solved the problem by going through all the elements and fading away the hair. Visually, the model almost lost nothing. I don’t understand why it was necessary to use fur at all, when such a small effect is much easier and in rendering it can be achieved much faster with a bump or displacement.
  • Ирис кис-кис 4 months ago
    and for this model, for some reason, the body does not move. Ears, tail and everything else are grouped together and norms, the base stands still
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Sauthon Elephant-Toys from Babyfan collectionpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Vray
Size: 62 MB
Date: 2017.04.05 09:07
Style: Modern
Material: Fabric

Cuddles Elephant from Babyfan collection made by Sauthon. Doudou Petit - reference BWDD3 Doudou Moyen - reference BWDD2 Doudou Grand - reference BWDD1 3dsMax 2013 + Vray OBJ and FBX saved without Hair & Fur http://www.sauthon.com