• usov.80 4 years ago
    sorry, the author does not belittle your work ... what is dancing with a tambourine, IMHO
    • muken 4 years ago
      Well, perhaps the author was a need to create this script, plus he decided to also share
    • MastaMan 4 years ago
      I was useful, in 2012 Max with this problem. Thank you posted
  • Maketer 4 years ago
    For 2016 Max this script is almost not relevant, but more unique and delmod button can be useful in this version of Max
    • themaxxer 4 years ago
      why is this nor relevant in max 2016? I am curious. thanks for reply.
      best regards
  • YARR 3 years ago
    how to run it? MAX 2016
    • Maketer 3 years ago
      as regular scripts - run script, then in kastomayz in maketer category assign a script to a hotkey or on the panel or on the context menus of mouse
  • YARR 3 years ago
    cool earned) senkz
  • Bare 2 years ago
    Genius script...but still does not realise how does it not refer to max 2016?
    • johnyk.mnemonic 2 years ago
      in 2016 max you can throw modifiers on all selected objects, if you need to copy the modifier from one object to several others, then copy the desired modifier in the stack (copy), select the objects, throw on them any general modifier, such as edit poly, They became common with the instantiation modifier and paste the required one over it.
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Script CopyModifiers v. elevenfree


model details

Platform: Script
Size: 2 KB
Date: 2016.02.21 00:36
Style: Modern

This script allows you to copy modifkatory with a particular object to any number of selected objects. Instructions for use: 1) Select the object for which you want to copy modifiers; 2) Run the script to determine the amount of modifiers kotorey to copy (all or number) in the field to enter the number of the account modifier (by default 1 - top), if selected number; 3) Click the Pick ObjectModifier button and select the object to which you want to copy modifiers If necessary, you can make a unique modifier