Selux astro

                                    Selux astro
  • 3dsMax 2012 + fbx (Vray+Corona)
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  • 2019.09.21 23:15
  • Modern
  • selux, astro, led, lighting, backlight, lamp, street, pillar, mast, floodlight, shine, city, the park, metal, steel
  • Selux Factory Street Lights Astro Collection

    Light source LED 3000K, LED 4000K IP66 degree of protection

    The constituent objects of the luminaires are low poly. Changing iterations of the TurboSmooth smoothing modifier allows you to qualitatively compact the grid and use models for both near and far angles. The modifier stack is not collapsed. The light sources are turned off by default, but the multipliers are configured to render as if they were an evening preview. If necessary, adjust the light source multiplier to taste. For the near evening angles, it is recommended for diodes to use the “Diode_Light” material with the Self-illumination parameter configured in the material editor. The difference between this material in the value of the multiplier Self-illumination 0 (day) or (20 night).

    System units: Millimeters

    For all objects in the archive (12 fixtures): Smooth iterations 2 - Polys - 789 960, Verts - 408 432 Smooth iterations 0 - Polys - 195 444, Verts - 120 582 To make geometry easier, remove screws and reduce spline iterations for rotation objects

    Formats: - 3ds Max 2015 (Vray 3.60.03) - 3ds Max 2012 (Vray 3.60.03) - 3ds Max 2015 (Corona 2.0) - 3ds Max 2012 (Corona 2.0) - FBX - OBJ - .mat material library (Vray, Corona)

    High resolution renderings and additional images are available at the link in the commentary on the model.

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High Resolution Renders:https://yadi.sk/d/CcQy5dMRZS0EzQ