• Tman33 year ago
    LOl, you have special skill in modelling realistic alcohol bottles.

    I'm always attracted by your models, except they are in corona.

    or is there a way i could convert this to vray and use it in vray?
    • modeller_L year ago
      Sorry, but I manually redo everything in V-ray)
      Next week I will lay out the set, in V-ray
      • bluemodels year ago
        Ok cool for the set in V-Ray! I will need it very soon..! The set 311 or 313 is cool too... :)
      • Tman33 year ago
        Thanks, but i still don't know why some modellers find it easy to apply corona materials. I've always thought vray has more options to play with than corona.
  • alpiniz year ago
    Maybe I did not understand something, but why is the bottle not to scale?
  • Wolh year ago
    shoals with scale, lack of normal groups, spreads in height .. terrible execution
  • Tman33 year ago
    Hi modeller_L, please help me, i'm a new max user and i'm just angry with 3ds max right now. Why does max make some things very easy and make some things unnecessarily hard? It's not cool.
    The problem is, I downloaded a max model from this forum, i tried merging the max file but it's showing error of higher version.
    Alright, i then tried merging the .obj file. It will merge the geometry successfully but fail to load the material. The folder has a .mtl file inside.
    I just need to be able to merge the obj file and i want it to show the material that came with it. That's the simple problem.

    Please help me out!
    • modeller_L year ago
      Write me a private message
      • Tman33 year ago
        I've sent you a private message since. Thanks.
  • dimix07 year ago
    and in VRAY there ???
  • meyou 3 days ago
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model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 43 MB
Date: 2019.02.04 19:12
Formfactor: Circle
Style: Modern
Material: Glass Liquid

The archive has all the models are shown in previews: - 3d max 2011 - Texture - obj