• spurt month ago
    Lovely model, in amazing performance!
  • grol69 month ago
  • hey_ley month ago
    smile sabaka
  • CeBeP_2012 month ago
    Now I know what my neighbor's dog looks like if she shaves it, thanks.
    • To be honest, I don’t really imagine this breed naked, so it turned out not very similar in face to Spitz, since I took the killer Chihuahua as the basis of another predatory monster)
      • CeBeP_2012 month ago
        In fact, the neighbor just seems to have a mixture of these wolfhounds, 50% of hatred and 50% of fear. How such a thing could be deduced from wolves is completely incomprehensible.
      • An4ik-1 month ago
        The naked Spitz (when bathed and the hair stuck to the body) looks like a seal to me (only dog paws). I also call my cat-dog, this is probably a natural name for a spitz, the breed they have is such.))
    • tony_black month ago
      https://b3.3ddd.ru/media/cache/tuk_model_custom_filter_ru/model_images/0000/0000/2725/2725042.5e55003170022.jpeg so what?)
  • kolamba month ago
  • CGScience month ago
    Of course, I apologize, you tried ... But the dog turned out to be a stubborn dog, and with a cat face :)
    • totally agree. my distorted vision xD
    • muchacha month ago
      "Somewhere once was born
      With barking and meowing beast, which are not
      And then he ran away, leaving a question,
      Dog-cat kid Cats!
      Cats, Cats,
      The only baby cat in the world!
      He was not recognized in his native city,
      And everyone sprinkles him both night and day ...
      Do not be upset, do not be timid,
      And it’s better to sing this song together!
      Cats, Cats,
      The only baby in the world
      • CGScience month ago
        muchacha, as if the cartoon looked! Thank you! =)))
  • crankdxb month ago
    Brilliant! *****
  • ViTcore month ago
    hard dog, dog without anus
  • Kenzo80 month ago
    The coat is straight cool.
  • Prog month ago
    And I liked the last render more than others)))
  • foad3d month ago
  • dilya_1 month ago
    Cheerful comrade: D))))
  • krin month ago
    sorry for ignorance, why the last render?
  • c3dm month ago
    Well it finally ... it remains to make a lady with a handbag
  • wool (parameters in the Hair and fur modifier):
    scale map to density and scale slots
    card wool in slots tip color, root color, mutant color, mutanthttps://postimg.cc/jC6PKsCw 
  • vishenka-28 month ago
  • melaan month ago
    without hair it looks like a real chihuahua! =)
  • DaNPride month ago
    cool model, as soon as there is a need for a dog, I will know where to download
  • DaNPride month ago
    This is waiting for me at home, only it is lighter and rounder
  • Zolty month ago
    And why texel on the face and especially the ears less? Usually, they make it denser on the face. Or is it so necessary for wool?
  • viiik33 month ago
    Ha Ha !! Judging by the grid, this is a shaggy cat!))) The performance is at its best!
  • screwu1993 month ago
  • Vitaliyyy month ago
    CLASS !!!
  • amir_sayyadi month ago
    its so nice
  • Dmitriy_Ko month ago
    Bliiiin. Powerfully .. !!!
  • Thank you all for the feedback and for the master of the training ground)
  • artsandsver month ago
    hedgehog your mother, monster
  • Parik month ago
    Divine dog!)
  • rashihann month ago
  • suomi93 month ago
    Haha, no wonder. Still saw photos of wet or bald huskies?
    So, Husky is also a Spitz, group 5.
    And the model is cute, I’ll save myself.
  • Sergio46 month ago
  • grol69 month ago
    congratulations to the master ... Deservedly!
  • melaan month ago
    Congratulations to the landfill master! =)
  • DenKasper month ago
    with the master!
  • reyhaneh2004 month ago
    So nice
  • Marl.kuznetsov month ago
    Yoba)) You look how alive but dead, but how alive. Really looks like they killed and made a scarecrow
  • SERJ1984 month ago
  • kot_72 month ago
    The wool is divine. From the last render you can make a robot)
  • Saturn88 month ago
    honey, the face only looks more like a cat
  • Yogesh OS month ago
    good one
  • c3dm month ago
    With the master you!
  • Lumer month ago
    Kostya is super !!!!
  • dousatello month ago
    I like it
  • Yoogeen month ago
    Great wool maps, judging by the render!
  • minasayadi 4 weeks ago
  • beautiful
  • sahraroz 3 weeks ago
    its so nice
  • ardavan18 3 weeks ago
    gooooood job
  • ardavan18 3 weeks ago
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model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2012 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 9 MB
Date: 2020.02.25 14:08
Formfactor: Bioform
Style: Modern
Material: Organics Fur

3d model spitz. Weight of model 718 polygons Scene in mm. Wool hair and fur