Silla 40 pion

                                    Silla 40 pion
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  • Silla 40


    A tribute to the 20th Century. To commemorate Sancal's anniversary, the design studio Nadadora proposed the concept of designing Four chairs, one for each of Sancal's decades. Instead of four totally different chairs, Nadadora decided that the project would make even more sense if each chair shared the same structure. This way the difference lies in the backs; each one inspired by a key moment in the history of furniture design. Now, we add two new versions: metal feet with and without arms. The '20s back symbolises concepts drawn from the work of marcel breuer and his cesca chair. The '30s back is a nod to Scandinavian design, in particular, the 69 chair by Alvar Aalto. The '40s variant represents the organic design of the 40s, 50s and 60s and celebrates the LCW chairs designed by Charles Eames. Postmodern influences are impregnated in the '70s, inspired by designs like those of Synthesis 45 by Ettore Sottssas for Olivetti.

    Dimension H 82cm L 46cm / 45cm L top 38cm H seat 46cm

    TYPOLOGY: Dining / Guest Chairs COLLECTION: Gráfica DESIGNER: Isaac Piñeiro 



    A new piece for the set Black and gray tones mix with white mottling in a new Ochavo granite top Pion Petra, and a white marble has also been added to the range with gray veins. These natural stones pass in in beauty granite is one of the strongest and most durable options. The thin-grain grain with dark tones combine with table base high gloss Sombra lacquer color. The Ibiza white color has been paired with a new high ice shade of gray Simple and masterful at the same time, the combination the game that inspired Ionna Vautrin to design the Pion. The base represents a pawn while the black and white table top is reminiscent of a checkered chess board.

    Dimension H74cm D50cm L large table 240cm

    TYPOLOGY: Dining Tables COLLECTION: Enigma Turati DESIGNER: Ionna Vautrin 

    Max 2016/2013 FBX + OBJ

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