SKILL TRF 125
  • 3dsMax 2014 + obj (Vray)
  • 8.16 MB
  • 2017.04.19 10:24
  • Modern
  • embeddable, led, spot, lamp, shine, lighting, aledo, dotted, overhead, light, turning
  • DESCRIPTION  Round downlight lamp-SKILL TRF 125 of professional line Aledo PLUS. Due to the modular design it is possible to choose a modification for virtually any task. The basic version has a beautiful color rendering CRI 90+ and uniform light distribution without glare. High heat sink allows using the lamp power in two embodiments. 6 of the secondary reflector unique optical and decorative effects. When installing color filters light becomes an artistic tool of color and light. Frameless installation (trimless). SCOPE Premises Offices and Business Centers Shopping and entertainment centers Cafes and restaurants Public interiors Museums and galleries
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