• newzboy 6 years ago
    ESI is not a secret that you are the author of that Act?
  • epush 6 years ago
    I think the author has changed and ... The script ispaganili, added button "Donate" but were not able to make a working frame buffer, and the previous version was renderila black square Malevich, stopped sending mail from your mailbox to your customer, you can now send only to yourself, but it is not clear why ... In total obrezana? crap.
    • koslev 3 years ago
      Could you give a link to the instructions on setting up renderings sending to his mail, please?
    • arxitektor-r 2 years ago
      With a black quado made fun of)))))) !!! All right))
      • epush 2 years ago
  • Gorki71 6 years ago
    No, I Was in the vastness of INETA.. I use the month. Max 12. Crown render no problem. everyone is comfortable with this and uploaded.
  • MaxStudio 6 years ago
    What is this plugin from the standard Batch Render? In addition, that turns off the computer.
  • newzboy 6 years ago
    and the fact that each cell can be configured with a separate scheme and a separate size ... =)
    • h1tman 5 years ago
      Batch Render to have all of the above
    • arhitec 3 years ago
      Butch is very literate and ability can be more serious and make settings
  • paragon09 6 years ago
  • design.nguyenviet 6 years ago
  • baglan 5 years ago
    How to install it?
  • arhitec 5 years ago
    The people, the worse the Batch Render? And there are no third-party scripts ...
  • qiulinxun 4 years ago
  • simulate 4 years ago
    Thank you. Batch Render - worse. It is necessary to register each chamber separately.
    • arhitec 3 years ago
      Not necessary. Can the camera does not prescribe or impose one ...
  • lincolnq18 4 years ago
    Colleges, please tell me how to set up the rendering time of each camera? I use CORONA RENDER
  • giorgia78 4 years ago
    Thank you!!!
  • мяумяумяу 4 years ago
    Where to install it tedious?
  • Anatska_freeza 3 years ago
    it is the installer, not the script. How does he work? neither here nor in the description of the archive
    • Gorki71 3 years ago
      When installing the specified folder with Max (root) .Because in the Max appoints key or just the script rabotaesh.S 14 masks and 16 rabotalo.Seychas crown and crown, did not put, I do not know.
  • OkanE 3 years ago
    On 16 max does not go
  • Sagida 2 years ago
    Guys, well, tell me - how to install this installer in MAX?
    Telnet server, Telnet client, TFTP client turned on, connected to Google-server, settings in gmail.com mail- changed, it's not a script, what to do next?
  • koslev year ago
    Colleagues, is there a working version of this script under 18 max? Share the link, please!
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Script rendering with multiple camerasfree


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Platform: Script
Size: 602 KB
Date: 2013.10.08 00:10
Style: Modern

The script allows you to run the render from multiple cameras. Rendered each sequentially. after the end of the ivseh script turns off the Max and the computer.