• ArtemTkachenko 3 months ago
    Beautiful Pusich 5+)
    • c3dm 3 months ago
      Superkrol ready to avenge his ears
      • jppasha 3 months ago
        they are there, just folded back)
        • c3dm 3 months ago
          Well then everything is correct - when you set speed, the resistance decreases, and if you need to stop abruptly, then they work like flaps. Great invented, perfect weapon.
  • v e r t e x 3 months ago
    ))))))) +5
  • AG.edits 3 months ago
    The grid is beautifully terrible))
    • rekkosta 3 months ago
      I think he’s in a cartoon, too — a grandfather crazy
  • Makc2017sm 3 months ago
  • I.G.O.R 3 months ago
    the class
  • Nik3D_design18 3 months ago
    Bomb mesh)))))))))))))
  • arminradan 3 months ago
    That's so cute
  • dashakol 3 months ago
    super :)))))))
  • Маленькая_86 3 months ago
    Pusich !!!!
  • "It is snowing, Zaya!"
  • zevsart 3 months ago
  • Zom6ie 3 months ago
    Nothing at him there in the mouth of teeth behind)))
    • jppasha 3 months ago
      rabbits have 28 teeth, actually)))
  • Шанталь 3 months ago
    Such a paw!
  • JulijaZh7 3 months ago
    Teeth in the background as if human;)))
  • Special 3 months ago
    Grandfather Zai =) ahhaah. Well, really, he’s very old on the preview.
  • dilya_1 3 months ago
    2 render is beautiful)))
  • ChamFEAR 3 months ago
    Where such a desire to praise, praise here can only be an artist who painted sketches. the work itself even on the preview looks broken, let alone the full size, how such rubbish is allowed and issued by PRO remains a mystery. There are no more exact riddles, banal amateurism on both sides
    • jppasha 3 months ago
      if you want to discuss the actions of admins write them in a personal
      • ArtemTkachenko 3 months ago
        Critics came running))))
        ChamFEAR - do it better - show it as it should - I’m already wondering if I could see it)))
        jppasha wrote correctly - these claims should not be written here but directly to the moderators!)))
  • Withthesoull 3 months ago
    With fur, of course, more problematic, Why so rare?) Well, just bald .. In the cartoon, he is much more fluffy. Yes, and the wool itself does not look like fur at all, like procrastination) In short, of course, it was worth bringing it to mind and it would have been interesting, but with a bigoooooooooooooooooy stretch four)
    • jppasha 3 months ago
      in the archive there are two models in different poses + two obj + tectures. so that everything fit into the archive had to reduce the density of the fur
      • Withthesoull 3 months ago
        Well, still my opinion is better to make 1 but quality than 2 mediocre. But your business, good luck!)
        • ArtemTkachenko 3 months ago
          for the money the model is gorgeous)))
          • Withthesoull 3 months ago
            In thinking, I’ll do as much as you pay - you won’t go far.
            • ArtemTkachenko 3 months ago
              I agree, but the model is done well .....
            • Withthesoull 3 months ago
              I wrote above that the model is cool) But the coat is very bad _ it looks like a hare has shed, especially in the 2 picture) there is like a long stubble or FIG knows what to compare)
            • ArtemTkachenko 3 months ago
              Yes, I understand you))))
  • rconti 3 months ago
    PRO serious? wtf
    • jppasha 3 months ago
      want to discuss the actions of admins, write them in a personal
  • MusliM_01 3 months ago
    )))))) CLASS! +++
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model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2016 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 86 MB
Date: 2019.11.04 20:09
Formfactor: Bioform
Style: Modern
Material: Fabric

Snowball Cartoon Character Mystery Pet Life 2

No rigg Fur geometry