• londonvisuals year ago
    This is too good to be true :D
  • Barbatana year ago
    Really good lookin pines - good trunk shape, very good dead branches, very good needles density. Textures are good too. Thx for upload!
  • Turbogang year ago
    cool, very nice
  • londonvisuals year ago
    Ok, so I got the pines, did a bit of testing and it turns out that the tips of the trees are too "pointy".
    When scattered they create this regular pointy pattern which is not too realistic.

    Can you please create a tree of this height that is more oval at the top ? That kinda plateaus more at the top ?
    • Istwood15 year ago
      Pines come in different shapes. Realistic forest does not make two trees
  • Istwood15 year ago
    In the future there will be pines and with an oval top, including
  • londonvisuals year ago
    Yeah I know that one can not make realistic forest with just two tree variations.

    But since you modeled the most realistic pines that are available to buy, and most of them have pointy tops then it will be difficult.

    And I'm pretty sure that if someone tries your pines then all other stock pines will be a "no no" for him.

    So turns out you have to prepare different shapes, so one can render realistic pine forest using only your models :D ;)
    • Istwood15 year ago
      Therefore, I didn’t stop at one model and will gradually fill up with new ones
  • londonvisuals year ago
    Yeah I know. Dont take it too personally. I'm just a fan of your models, trying to give feedback :)
  • ziju year ago
    All your pines have identical top, please fix it
  • ziju year ago
    all birches have the same problem too
    • Istwood15 year ago
      It's not a problem. I will make different forms. Not all at once
  • ziju year ago
    But I don't want to buy additional trees
  • sport2016 year ago
    Thank you
  • mosproject-1 9 months ago
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Pine ordinary # 10 (22-23m)pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 73 MB
Date: 2018.10.25 10:22
Style: Modern
Material: Organics

Two pines in height from 22 to 23 meters


Pinus_Sylvestris_1001 (23m) - 930 405

Pinus_Sylvestris_1002 (22m) - 690 415

Needle material with opacity card

More pines:



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