• gunslinger 6 months ago
    Taking off my hat. Despite the fact that I do not wear it. Great!
  • grdesigner 6 months ago
    Picture with sound. I can directly hear these pi-piu lasers.
    • hop28 6 months ago
      But I hear ... Tuuuuuu Tuuuuuuu Tududu Tuuuu Tududu Tuuuuuuu TADADADAAAAAAAA
      • asifonyx 6 months ago
        and i here o come onbaby oya ( he he he eee )
  • Pure model 6 months ago
    Polygon Master!
    • c3dm 6 months ago
      This is the coolest watchtower I've seen!
  • 3d Vlad 6 months ago
    COOL !!!!, I liked the episode where the Imperial Wookiee threw out of a step-walker and shot in front of going =)))
  • supergex 6 months ago
    Cool transport!) We must purchase, ride to work))
    • Kawasalto 6 months ago
      Walking) Walking is useful) Here is a pleasant experience with useful)
  • loginmash 6 months ago
    Hope to scale))
  • AndrewLog 6 months ago
    Gow render plot now!
  • Fruitgum 6 months ago
    Good job. + to the author.
  • Germain 6 months ago
    somehow I wanted to see Lenin upstairs) Great job!
  • lih_81 6 months ago
    The cutest imperial walker.
  • Kagerou 6 months ago
    Tum Tum Tum. Tum Tudum Tum Tudum
  • GrafRaven 6 months ago
  • zevsart 6 months ago
  • Vitaliyyy 6 months ago
  • Drabanth 6 months ago
    why so many model-unrelated tags?
  • spurt 6 months ago
  • Vinayak M B 6 months ago
  • Sarbagyshev 6 months ago
    Ziphir is already a general of the army of masters of the training ground)) It is time to introduce one big star)
  • muchacha 6 months ago
    I'm not from your planet, do not understand what you mean. but it looks interesting
  • Zom6ie 6 months ago
    Great model!
  • mahdiehkhosravi 6 months ago
    very good
  • Ramzes-Architect 6 months ago
    May it come, power is with you !!!!!
  • and the model is not accidentally pulled out of the game?
    • zifir 6 months ago
      Not. Take a look at my gallery. I did this model back in 2017
    • Alexsandr Shepard 6 months ago
      and how to get the model out of the game?
  • Topol_M 6 months ago
    why not Free
  • fill_art 6 months ago
  • 3DARTLINK 6 months ago
    Deleted comment
  • Anabella 6 months ago
    Utigospodi, what a pretty one!)))
  • paz 6 months ago
    As always respect! will definitely fly into some of my ZV project
  • Ludik_velo 6 months ago
    It looks gorgeous! And light, and details, and textures ... Bravo!
  • just watched the Mandalore series with this miracle. Finally, he was shown a sane killing machine, not a rope doll
  • Glashaa 5 months ago
    These are 2 halves from a creature from the Black Mirror.
  • reyhaneh2004 5 months ago
    So good
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Star Wars AT-ST walkerpro


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Platform: 3dsMax 2009 и ниже
Render: Vray
Size: 32 MB
Date: 2019.11.13 08:20
Formfactor: Bioform
Style: Modern
Material: Metal